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Marketing Skills In The College Of Cats, Crows And Bitches, Vit University! - Poem by Nikhil Chandwani

Once we sail away from home, we begin to crave for our existance and independence, mostly financial. Some of the parents also feel in the same way, while some like mine think that I have not attained enough maturity for handling the green money. I had to shed a fortune amount of tears to finally fulfill my craving for monetary independence, This was accompanied by initiation of my journey to VIT Vellore.

Finally the wait is over. With some wonder at God's immaculate management quota and a polite courteous bow to my parents I can announce to the world at large, that this indeed is a fabulous time to gain financial freedom. Yes, green addiction, here I come.
When I hold my monthly allowance of 8000 bucks in my hand I feel all powerful(even if it is for a day) and thank all mighty, above that my parents, who do not feel that the global meltdown should have a bite of my share too. So as all of us, poor VITians are caught up in the trap of college expenditure. We know that however much we have in hand, it always seems to slip out, akin to sand flowing out of a trembling wrist.
So as it was my first pocket money I was expected to stretch out the entire amount of Rs.8000 for full month without sneaking in a rupee or two from my ATM in return for my innocent rabbit like tune, I throw at parents with some sly intent to my dad. So like a proper accountant (though I don't exactly know what he does, LOL) I will try my hand at organized financial handling and decipher the cryptic ways in which my money leaves me.
The first, foremost and the most arduous task is of getting to college, which involves more than just getting up on time. Since I live in F block, and had previously decided that I will walk down to my college every day(which only God knows why….) I have a scenario where the timing is not its best shape. I have to wake up every day at 6am, thanks to my promise of taking bath every day and then heading to the college. Due to a confusing (in) flexible system, better known as FFCS, my classes were scattered all around the globe. Running from SJT to main building became my daily routine, god never graced me ever and I was always late, kicked outta class everyday. imagine what catastrophe, running in the campus like a burnt ass dog and everything flushes down the gutter, when mam sucks your attendence.
Coming to the topic,
shelling out the bucks system started when I hired an auto anna who used to carry my ass every day, from SJT to MB, at 200 bucks a month.
So in all I spend about 400 bucks on my travel monthly(add 200 bucks more cuz I seldom walk from hostel to SJT) ,
I got to think about food, another necessity. Now, the necessary food according to my mother is the wholesome lunch I am supposed to have. The food court-waala serves quite good stuff, which repels me from mess everyday and I've to live my life with a bunch of friends ordering stuffs that satisfies and sometimes spoils my stomach.(pun intended) .
So around 3k bucks spent on food per month
And now comes the entertainment part, a raghuvindra movie ticket costs50, which is apparently cheaper than I could ever imagine, but don't attract yourself in the positives, the travel charges to the theater is fucking 100 bucks, so 200 bucks on travel every week, therefore 1000 bucks straight away on a wooden seat theater experience.
Comes the Chittoor and Pondicherry trip once a month, straight away loss of 5000 bucks, topic change(Mom keeps an eye on my facebook, so no beer bash experience shared)

How can I forget those scary numbers I see in the ever in phone bills,1000 bucks, no,2000 bucks, hell's Zero always, Man, I'm a VITian, I use a pre paid sim card, preferably spending 2000 bucks a month on roaming calls(yea, I love a girl back in my city, love hurts in every phase of life lol) the right to speech should surely be banned…. what say?
Other expenditure includes buying fancy shampoos twice a month(add 400 bucks to it) , body wash, twice a month(yeah, I take bath regularly, hard to accept, but true: p) , shopping, shopping for the one I love(ugh: /) , mid night maggie almost everyday with a bottle of pepsi and what not!
These are my hard and painful marketing views.
How about a penny for my thoughts?

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