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Why Africans Score Poorly In Technical Intelligence And Policy Management - Poem by alexander opicho

The assertion by Nobel winning geneticist James Watson that; Black Africans are not capable to manage development policies suggested by Breton wood institutions in fighting poverty in Africa, hence poverty will not be eliminated from Africa within the foreseeable future, was acutely correct but only based on the wrong groundings and theories. Watson was correct. Africans are not intelligent in the sense of western dynamics. It is true that Africans score so poorly on the intelligence necessary in technological advancement and also, Africans prove the most mediocrous when it comes to systematic policy implementation. This has been tested by time and remains true. Where Watson went wrong was the basis of contextualization, conceptualization and hence generalization. What propelled Watson to make this assertion was basically intellectual fatigue or emotional energy that comes along with the psychology of racism.
Revelations that help to point out mistaken conceptualization of James Watson in this matter can be borrowed from Erasmus Darwin, the grandfather of Charles Darwin. Erasmus Darwin developed the theory of use and disuse of biological body organs during the late eras of 1700. This theory was later developed by Charles Darwin, in which the main argument is that all living things develop those organs that they use most and tend to lose those organs that they don't use most during their evolutionary process. Jacob Merles (1999) in his book Mr. Darwin Misreads miss peacock's mate selection also observes that cave fish and some cave bats have now losed away their eyes given that they leave in stark darkness forever, they leave in the dark caves. They don't use light; hence they need high sense of sound but not sense of sight. They now indentify objects in their environment by use of echo sound and water waves.
Watson was overtly focused on human need to be intelligent. He perceived matters of intelligence and cognitive ability as protégé of genetic fortune and misfortune. In his assertions therefore he was only giving a diagnosis of cognitive inability as suffered by Africans. A diagnosis in which he failed to discern that environment shapes intelligence and hence humanity is as intelligent as environmental dynamics. I believe he intentionally came to these conclusions. Watson was at the full opportunity of serendipity to come by Erasmus Darwin's theory of use and disuse of organs by living organisms.
Poor score in technical intelligence and policy management by Africans can be explained better by use of the theory of use and disuse. Brains as an organ for cognitive use can also be rendered useless if it is not used for a long time. There is possibility for a given community to lose certain parts of the brain, if these parts of the brain being discarded are not used in support of life. Africans have loosed the brain parts that are necessary in technological intelligence and policy management. This does not mean that Africans are not intelligent. They are very intelligent but not in the matters of technology and policy management.
The main environmental factor that has contributed to disuse and hence loses of the brain parts useful in development of technology and policy management by Africans is globalization. The relationship has been so paternal that Europe, Japan, America, Russia and China has ever been on a panicky mission to supply immediately all the technological solutions to Africa. These countries behave as if it is their moral and divine duty to solve Africa's technological needs with angelic urgency. Africa's technological needs ranging from; computing, transport, medicine, architecture, and any other have been solved by the powerful outsiders. This global environment has made Africans to relax. Have rendered the brain organs necessary to Africans for technological development into disuse. What I mean is that for the past hundred years developed countries have committed silent crime of over-parenting to Africa. This obviously gives us a projection that Africans will soon discard away all those biological features that make a human being competent in the matters of technology.
I observed a pertinent case last year. When I used to work for an American NGO. The NGO was based in Turkana County, in the north western parts of Kenya. This region is in a savannah climate. Thus it is a semi-arid area replete with food chalanges.But successful farming can be done through irrigation. Since this region is also blessed with very many rivers with huge volumes of water. But to the chagrin of us all, no food production takes place in this region. Why? because of heavy presence of Westerns NGO's in the region.Oxfam, Help Age, Merlin, NORAD, World Vision and other high powered non-governmental organizations have dutifully embarked on providing food for people in this region. They have been providing free feeding programs for the past hundred years. They also provide food for schools, hospitals. I mean all over. They also give free handouts of money for upkeep. This global relation has made people in this area, the Turkana People, to lose all the intelligence that goes with farming. An average Turkana person can now predict accurately when the UNICEF airplane is coming, and whether it is carrying rice or wheat flour! I mean Western NGO presence has environmentally influenced the evolution of brains organs among the Turkana people to be agriculturally stupid but geniuses in NGO relations.
A contrasting case is carried over from HIV challenge in Africa. Where the Western world left Africa on its own as the HIV scorch ruthless wiped its people. The mental response in this case was good and very intelligent; Uganda began local manufacturing of condoms, Doctor Arthur Obel began herbal treatment of HIV by use of his pearl omega medicine at Moi University in Eldoret in Kenya, President Yahya Jahme began treating HIV patients at his state-house residence by use of Gambian voodoo, and also the researchers at the University of Nairobi established an anti-retroviral drug in a lab experiment, but sadly enough, a white colleague mysteriously disappeared with the specimen.
What this means is that biological nature will always lose whatever that it does not need. Beautiful women are not intelligent, because they don't need intelligence but instead they need beauty for survival. The Congo pigmies are very short because they don't need tall bodies; they need to be short for flexibility and convenience of movement in the thicket of the Congo forest. Dwellers of temperate lands have narrow long noses for survival reasons. People who are married have more developed penis and Vagina than the people in the child bearing age bracket who are not in marriage. Africans have lost 40 % of their indigenous languages because they don't need them they need European languages for economic survival. And even more empirically Kalengin people in Eldoret Town in Kenya have began having very long hind limps but at the same time they have diminished ability to learn languages because they need long legs for lucrative athletics but not the languages. So Africa's poor score on technical intelligence and policy management is a matter of nature abhorring the vacuum but not genetic misfortune to be pitied in the Watsonian tenor.

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