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  • 337.
    Dear Diet

    Why is it so hard to stay on my diet
    Dear hunger, why can’t you just be quiet
    Your like a annoying baby on a plane
    Driving me bonkers and insane

    My fatty food desires bother me throughout the day
    Making me having an internal war with myself
    Struggling not to grab the tasty donuts off my shelf
    So I can stay slim like Anne Hathaway

    Throughout breakfast, lunch, and dinner
    I’m striving so hard to eat like a winner
    Fighting my cravings to stay thinner
    But after one cookie, I feel like a George Zimmerman Sinner

    After my morning meal
    I’m slowing starting to feel
    Excess food looking more and more ideal
    Then I give in, eating like an Antarctica seal
    Because damn you food, you’re my Achilles Heel

    Then after I eat my lunch
    And many golf balls have been hit
    I start having a hunch
    That some more food won’t hurt a bit

    Three power bars and cups of gold fish later
    I’m feeling as round as the earths equator
    Fatter than the political activist Ralph Nader
    Bringing unbalance to the food force, like Darth Vadar

    If hunger and I were keeping score
    He’d be winning ten to five
    Because I’m struggling to stay alive
    In this violent intestinal internal war

    Because food has got me surrounded on all corners
    Forcing me to give in to my taste bud enemy foreigners
    So feeling as fat as a Cow
    This war with hunger right now
    Is over, I quit and throw in the tow read more »

  • 338.
    Finn's Favorite Fish (Long Tongue Twister)

    Finn's favorite fish's favorite food fell flat.
    Finn's favorite fish's favorite food falls for fluid.
    Finn's favorite fish's favorite food fed Finn's favorite fish.
    Finn's favorite fish falls for Finn's favorite fish's favorite food. read more »

  • 339.
    The Food of Death

    The tongue sings
    The nose smells read more »

  • 340.

    The great world in animals kingdom
    We, all are food for one of others
    We, all are feeder for one of others
    We, all are killer by one of others read more »

  • 341.
    The Gerbil Poem

    Gerbils so soft with fur
    Hold them untill they purr
    Put them in a cage a wheel and watch them go
    They dig their borrows in the morning light read more »

  • 342.
    Chicken & chips

    Chicken & chips
    Often brought by fast food addicts
    Who love the finger licking taste
    Fried fatty food read more »

  • 343.


    Food is so important,
    Food helps you grow, read more »

  • 344.

    We eat to live
    that's how we grow

    We eat to be active read more »

  • 345.
    MaMa's Cooking

    Thinking of times I would say what's cooking everyday
    It's an assortment of goodie things
    Chocolate, pies and banana pudding
    Enough food and that's Mama's cooking read more »

  • 346.
    Food for Thought

    When I was a young lad
    in grammar school
    the teacher told us
    that society deems it necessary read more »

  • 347.

    read more »

  • 348.
    Land as a forgotten factor of Life

    In the country
    The Land will produce the food
    You take just what you need
    In the city read more »

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