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My Father Showed Cooking Talent In New Year. - Poem by U Win Kyi

My father was a good chef,
In Chinese New Year, showing off his cooking talent.
For New Year Eve dinner, he cooked a lot of food,
and a large bowl of soup.
The food were pork in both thin and thick slice,
so tasty when eating with plain rice.
Another pork was in big chunk,
so good with beer until drunk.
The meat was never tough but so tender,
the sight of it made the mouth water.
Fish and king crabs stewed in pricey ingredients,
the smell and taste were so salient.
The sea-food fried noodle was no match,
in our town it was the best.
The smell of meat-ball was so nice, no one could resist.
It was always at the top of menu list.
The spicy beef was with a little oil,
well-done after a long boil.
The dumplings were stuffed with scallion,
laced with garlics and onion.
The duck had a good roast,
which was one of his boast.
The mutton was so soft to palate,
one would eat up the whole plate.
Our favorite was his fried rice (not fly lice) ,
eating of it with Coke in ice,
was so good and nice,
unforgettable in our lives.
The indispensable ' long year vegetable 'symbolized longevity.
He was satisfied and happy,
after seeing us eat voraciously,
and said, 'yummy, yummy.'
Though he was sweating in the kitchen with red hot flame,
in cooking food of fame,
he never complained.
After busy with the big iron kwok,
then he started to give the red envelope (hong bao in chinese) .
Then he sat in his chair for a rest,
puffing his cigarette.
After silence of kwok's clap, clap and clang,
then followed by burst of firecracker bang, bang, bang.
The food recipes handed down from grandfather were sacred
and secret,
but were lost and forget,
after his death,
causing us so much regret.

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