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  • 133.
    A Flower To Auroville Mother-51

    Football Lily(Blood Lily, Powderpuff Lily
    Scadoxus multiflorus ssp., Haemanthus multiflorus)

    Many are earthbound
    Some are heavenbound
    Like queen Nishagandhi
    You too FootBall Lily

    Descend to ascend shortly
    Spiking bright graciously
    Umbel-headed of blossoms
    Awesomely in hundreds

    Bulbous stemming solitary
    Sunny for a week monitory
    Aesthetic once in a year
    Dormant rest of the year

    Short-stalked leaves cease
    Back to heaven when you race
    Stored bulbs of your power
    Await your flare by next year

    Like queen Nishagandhi
    You too FootBall Lily
    Many are earthbound
    Some are heavenbound read more »

  • 134.
    The Mad Duck

    Alex Karras, as a young kid
    Did join the high school football team,
    So older brother, Teddy, did
    Not further smack his self esteem, read more »

  • 135.
    Suppose Football Does Serve A Purpose

    Suppose football does serve a purpose some males do need other interests in their lives
    Than working or drinking of alcohol or arguing with or making love to their girl friends or wives
    On saturday they go to the football to cheer on their team win or lose
    'Tis better for them than going to the local and wasting their money on the booze read more »

  • 136.
    A Wave From Jimmy Sullivan

    A wave from Jimmy Sullivan in Millstreet far away
    A nice and spontaneous gesture that did help to make my day
    From Clara road one must presume in view of Clara hill
    It brought back the old memories as if time had stood still. read more »

  • 137.
    A Local Outsider

    To the local community he is not one of their own
    And apart from them in every way he has grown
    He does not share their interests of work, sports, small talk, drinking and football
    In fact with them in common he has nothing at all. read more »

  • 138.
    John Buckley

    John Buckley lived in Mushera upon the higher ground
    A quiet and decent person his nickname 'John The Pound'
    For the Aubane Gaelic Football Club he played Gaelic Football
    Back in the nineteen sixties as I can well recall. read more »

  • 139.
    The Footy Man

    He wears his club scarf and beanie this cold saturday evening in the late Fall
    As he walks from the train to the football oval for to watch a few hours of football
    One might say a one eyed supporter he urges his footy heroes on
    But he falls silent before the final siren when all hope of a victory seems gone. read more »

  • 140.
    Toots Kelleher From Millstreet

    In the late forties and all through the fifties and that's going back in time
    Toots Kelleher from Millstreet was in his glorious prime
    In the game of Gaelic Football the great man knew great fame
    And through the length and breadth of Ireland his was a well known name. read more »

  • 141.
    Foot ball.

    Football matches a great event
    And a play, in such a vigor
    Competition between the teams
    Makes it a wonderful play to see. read more »

  • 142.
    pig farming

    Pig Farming

    British farmers treat their pigs better
    than their European counterparts, read more »

  • 143.

    read more »

  • 144.
    Football Is Round

    A shooting ball is swooshing;
    People in globe are watching.
    On a sudden
    Hails of cheers, vales of tears. read more »

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