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Game Foul Game Fowl - Poem by Charles Hice

the man hit his friend on the shoulder repeatedly
they were both drunk he was so angry
at someone in a car
he was trying to get his friend in a mode
to fight he was aching for a fight
and it was aweful the way he was treating his friend
this is the home team appended 11/3/13

Game Foul
Game Fowl
(the game of football should only be played on the football playing field)
no nasty cursing is usually allowed the rules the rules the rules yield to the rules
Game Fowl
guns should not be carried loaded but pointing at the ground
when the bird is sighted place a round
bad conduct even disgrace the boys were cursing the other teams supporters to there face
make sure no one is standing down field when you raise your gun to shoot
they were clearly not football players boys too young too drink too much scotch
aim the weapon carefully and squeeze the trigger slowly on the gun
they could not control the mouth even the other people around them tried to tell them to shut upp they and eye had had enought
fire into the meat of the bird to make it fall
they seemed ready for a fight that is what too much alcohol can do it can even ruin a home game
let someone else retrieve the bird
make it seem foul no matter now to me who will win who will lose the home team is the loser
unload your weapon and make sure the chamber is empty for safety
those foul mouth boys agreed it is the game of football is clearly fowl to me
Game Fowl Foul

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