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Queen Sheba-Ra - Poem by Edward Kofi Louis

To the Snake Island,
To the Fish Island,
To the Love Island,
To the Peace Island,
To where our muses do meet;
Like a message from Queen Sheba-Ra.
Many want to see my face but,
I am faceless;
Many want to know my name but,
I am nameless;
Many want to see my home but,
I am homeless;
Many want to hear my voice but,
I am voiceless;
Many want to see my hair but,
I am hairless;
You can change your life by making the right choices.

A message from Queen Sheba-Ra,
The Queen from Nubia in Ethiopia;
Like the message from a poet without a name.
I am from a land of an entity but of different people,
My muse is all that i leave for mankind;
Queen Sheba-Ra,
Love must come from the heart;
Of the traditions of Africa,
Queen Sheba from Nubia;
Let's free ourselves from mental slavery.
I eat Cassava but i don't eat Gari,
You eat eggs but you don't eat chicken;
Yes, like Queen Sheba who met King Solomon.

My 73-year-old mother-in-law rides a bicycle,
My 82-year-old father-in-law rides a bicycle,
So pass it on to the next generation;
Like Amen-Ra from the roots of Egypt.

A call for the African Chiefs,
Queen Sheba-Ra III met Nii Adjei Karku II;
Hannibal the cannibal,
Queen Sheba-Ra III met Nii Tetteh Otu II;
Queen Sheba,
Queen Sheba-Ra I,
Queen Sheba-Ra II,
Queen Sheba-Ra III,
Of the African Chiefs and Queens;
46664 is in our hands today and,
Nelson Mandela has enough for us.

Of a cloud as small as a man's hand,
Of a poem as sweet as your muse,
Of a head taller than the others;
Life is like the one who puts off his armour.
Queen Sheba-Ra,
A man is measured by his strength;
Queen Sheba-Ra,
A woman is measured by her wisdom;
Queen Sheba-Ra,
I am very old and grey-headed;
So, i will rather have my donkey saddled.

Listen oh Heavens,
Hear oh Earth;
I am the shadow from the mountains!
Let my poetry fall on you like rain,
Let Queen Sheba-Ra III carry on her message,
Let wisdom abound to those who want to learn;
Like a lamb in front of the Balsam tree.

Brazil won a football tournament,
Italy won a football tournament,
Egypt won a football tournament,
Spain won a football tournament;
46664 is in our hands today and,
We have to learn more from Nelson Mandela!
From Ur to Rome,
From Queen Sheba to Queen Sheba-Ra III;
Africa has more to tell the world.

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