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In this page, poems on / about “football” are listed.

  • 97.

    I feel something
    Something is rushing straight to me
    Not the runner, nor the falling rock-climber
    But a round flying object- yes, a football read more »

  • 98.
    On Seeing A Photograph

    A photo of an ageing face stirs an old memory
    He is plainly not a shadow of the man he used to be
    His balding head is hoary gray his hair it was dark brown
    When we played football as teenagers in the park in our Hometown. read more »

  • 99.
    Port Adelaide

    It is the great City of Port Adelaide
    Where heroes are born and legends are made
    In the Australian Football League they have their own football team
    For to play for Port Adelaide many Port teens do dream. read more »

  • 100.
    Sameness They Only Embrace

    The wealthiest person in the place far from financial renown
    And the poorest one is very poor in the poor Country Town
    Where everyone knows everyone your business not your own
    And even family secrets by everyone else known. read more »

  • 101.
    The Locals Are The Premiers

    Above the Local oval for twelve months will fly the Premiership flag
    The Locals are the Premiers they can afford to brag
    Down at the Footy Club they are celebrating and singing the Club song
    The fans are in a party mood they will sing all night long. read more »

  • 102.
    My old football

    YOU can keep your antique silver and your statuettes of bronze,
    Your curios and tapestries so fine,
    But of all your treasures rare there is nothing to compare
    With this patched up, wornout football pal o’ mine. read more »

  • 103.
    On The 09 All Ireland Football Final

    For the Cork Gaelic Footballers another humbling defeat
    By their neighbours Kerry in Croke Park once more they've been beat
    In Gaelic Football in Ireland Kerry to the fore
    With 36 All Ireland titles and their fans hoping for more. read more »

  • 104.
    The Football Jock And The Cheerleader

    Football jocks- they allow nothing to get in their way
    Girls hearts they’d break every day.
    What is a heart? But tissue and mass.
    They’ll get over it, it will pass. read more »

  • 105.
    Old Jimmy

    With the aid of walking stick he shuffles down the side street and time has left him looking stiff and gray
    And truly it can be said of old Jimmy that he is one who has known a better day
    Ageless father time takes care of everybody there was a time when he could run quite fast
    But now he only can walk at a slow pace and all of his better days are in the past. read more »

  • 106.
    Football Stole my Man: A Song

    Woke to the alarm clock a screaming
    Pulling my away from all of my dreaming
    the morning sun is hazy and grey, telling me it’s
    Time to start my day: everyday seems just the same read more »

  • 107.
    Big Mal

    This saturday his team were defeated and after the game in the pub
    Big Mal was not in the mood for talking or singing the anthem of his club
    Beaten by a point in a thriller but he does not take pride in an honourable defeat
    To him victory only matter and winning to him always sweet. read more »

  • 108.
    Child's Play

    Jimmy and Billy, two young men in kindergarten, went home from school every day just before noon. They lived in a small town in Nebraska, in the middle of farm country. read more »

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