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Poems About: FREEDOM

In this page, poems on / about “freedom” are listed.

  • 73.

    read more »

    maria sudibyo
  • 74.
    Freedom's Theme

    What is the theme of freedom?
    Happiness, read more »

    James Grengs
  • 75.

    Freedom to write...
    Freedom to swear.

    Freedom of the right... read more »

    Michael Gale
  • 76.
    A new freedom

    Everybody wants to fly as a bird,
    Nobody wants to remain in chains,
    Because everyone has a new freedom to live merrily,
    But some cruel take our freedom away read more »

    Tanya Naidoo
  • 77.

    What does freedom really mean?
    My mother letting me make decisions,
    That is freedom.
    The ability to make my own passion, read more »

    Bethany Maxwell
  • 78.
    Stepping out of the shadows..

    Stepping out of the shadows to feel the warmth of the light.
    To come to an understanding of leaving a lose/lose situation,
    and yet feel victorious. read more »

    Nathan Charles
  • 79.

    Have you heard such a thing?
    Is it a bird taking wing? read more »

    Claudia Lutz
  • 80.
    The Song of Freedom - A Prayer Reflection on Mee Kamocha

    When did we leave Egypt
    And when did Egypt leave us?
    When were the chains of slavery broken
    And when did we finally truly feel free? read more »

    Lewis Eron
  • 81.
    True Freedom

    Freedom imitated,
    Can never be a freedom...
    Manifested to appreciate.
    It would be underrated sooner or later. read more »

    Lawrence S. Pertillar
  • 82.
    The Battle Cry of Freedom- Union

    Yes, we'll rally round the flag, boys,
    We'll rally once again,
    Shouting the battle cry of Freedom,
    We will rally from the hillside, read more »

    George Frederick Root
  • 83.
    I would rather Freedom

    I would rather a much better place,
    A place of sanity,
    Far away from the phantoms of ghostly shadows,
    Far away from the phantasmagoria of knives and death, read more »

    Olunga Otieno
  • 84.
    Sometimes Freedom

    Sometimes freedom is hard to find
    Sometimes people fight for it
    What is it and why is it important?
    Sometimes too much freedom is bad. read more »

    Alon Calinao Dy
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