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They Call It The Great Satan - Poem by Daniel Partlow

Dictatorial Tyranny and Liberal Iniquity: both are binding fetter.
Can’t we remember that once, America stood for something better.

They call it the Great Satan, and in a way, they aren’t wrong,
When our ambassadors strut down their streets, dressed in purple thong.*

A conquering power came and promised them liberation,
But is now parading profanely and purveying rancid libations.

What other rights and means does it wish to install?
Abortion on demand! Molech’s American followers call.

The new ‘freedom’ won with the blood of the people of the books
Was not for the sodomites, the infant-killers, or the socialist rooks!

America sent her sons to overthrow the Saddam-tyrant
To give the promise of justice to the meek, hopeful, and aspirant.

The freedom to speak the truth all across the nation without expulsion,
The freedom to worship the Lord of all creation without compulsion,

The freedom to choose ones work and honest wages earn
And the freedom to study for those who wish to learn

The freedom to walk the street without fear of the gun
The freedom to build a family: man, wife, daughter, and son.

These are the freedoms which made America Great!
Not the perverted whims of Obama’s new global nanny state.

So what will America be on the future global stage?
Will it take Obama’s low road which will continue to enrage?

Will it proclaim its motto “In God We Trust? ” as it tolls the liberty bell?
Or will Great Satan lead the world down its wide highway to hell?

Obama has made clear which path he intends:
“America is no longer a Christian Country” or so he pretends.

But America will get fed up with the left wings' apostate deeds.
For many still hold dear the teaching of the Savior of their creeds.

It is up to the remnant to represent America's better side.
By showing love and respect for our Iraqi friends while in Christ we still abide.

* 'American decadence' invades Baghdad:
http: // id=547546

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