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  • 313.
    If You're My Friend

    If you are my friend why have you not spoken the words?
    If you are my friend why have you turned and walked away?
    If you are my friend why have you taken the other side?
    If you are my friend why have you insulted me?
    If I am your friend treat me with some respect.

    If you are my friend then don’t ignore me.
    If you are my friend then don’t laugh at my falls.
    If you are my friend then don’t humiliate me.
    If I am your friend, I can’t be your stupid pet!

    If I am your friend show it!
    If you’re my friend state it,
    With all of the warmth, and meaning
    Like a true friend of mine would.


  • 314.
    A Friend

    a friend in need is a friend indeed
    this proverb will always help in need

    a friend can be trusted read more »

  • 315.
    This Gathering

    Well hello our circle's back to whole again
    Here we go tonight we pile around the bend
    City lights delight providers for the head
    We afloat tonight the heaven is our bed read more »

  • 316.
    Friendship: The Warm Blanket of Happiness

    Friends are the chocolate chip
    in every warm chocolate chip cookie
    who sweetness is as sweet
    as shamrock shakes and love read more »

  • 317.
    good friends and best friends

    Friends are there for many different reasons.
    Friends come in many different types of ways.
    Friends are always there through all the seasons.
    Friends are always there through different times of the days. read more »

  • 318.
    Untrue Friends

    My friends are my only protection
    Against the cruel world outside my door
    They will always be there
    That is what friends are supposed to do read more »

  • 319.
    A Friend

    I have a friend
    With long brown hair
    And sea grey eyes
    I’ve seen her laugh read more »

  • 320.
    A Friend In Need

    A friend is someone you trust
    Who will get you up on a pit
    And help you to the end
    Even if you have a problem that never been solved read more »

  • 321.

    Many friends are evil & many friends are bad.
    But few friends are good & few friends are like God.

    Many friends are fraud & many friends are dishonest. read more »

  • 322.

    Friend is like a flower
    Who helps in need like a shower
    A friend who is helpful
    Towards him we should be truthful read more »

  • 323.
    ...My Friend...

    Hatred filled me up
    Lost! ...Give me a map
    Seen a friend I named HOPE
    Though my friend does not dope read more »

  • 324.
    Friends Forever

    Friends to be
    friends we are
    friends listen to each other’s hearts read more »

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