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Poems About: FRIEND

In this page, poems on / about “friend” are listed.

  • 85.
    Your Friend A Friend For Lifetime

    Acquaintances are many but friends are very rare
    For with a true and trusting friend your secrets you can share
    Your friend will comfort you and advise you and you will not betray
    Your friend will never disown you and as your friend will stay read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 86.
    True Friends

    True friends will call you
    Just to say howdy do
    Fake friends will call you
    Because they’ve nothing better to do read more »

    Angel Croshier
  • 87.
    “Friends Are Like Trees”

    For a record,
    A best friend covers your past from floating to the present life!
    Though we also have,
    Next-door friends. read more »

    Bryan De Poet
  • 88.
    River (Millie)

    Flowing through my life like a river,
    you provide that tranquility,
    the ever constant path and rhythm.
    You are all I could of asked for. read more »

    Javier Falcon
  • 89.
    to readers that donno the meaning of true friends

    i saw a girl sitting on the stair,
    i walked near her to see her,
    i saw her crying alone there,
    so i asked what happened? read more »

    winn teoh
  • 90.

    Friends are to play

    Friends are good read more »

    karen padilla
  • 91.
    - Self Portrait -

    My friend, leave before you fall into my trap
    My friend, I’m not what I pretend to be
    My friend, I’ll only scar you
    My friend, you chose the wrong fiend to befriend read more »

    Dmitriy Kokarev
  • 92.
    what are friends for

    what are friends for
    all they do is stab you in the back
    they're no good
    why trust them read more »

    Danielle Smtih
  • 93.
    My Friends

    My friends
    always there
    when I
    need them read more »

    Ammie Sparks
  • 94.
    Coming Back To Life Again

    Yesterday and today
    I thought very differently.
    I thought I was
    becoming too wise. read more »

    Palas kumar Ray
  • 95.
    May I Help You

    Someone have told it
    I don't know who
    'adversities do not come alone'
    and I have witnessed read more »

    Palas kumar Ray
  • 96.
    True Friendships

    'Tis said we cannot change our blood relations but we get to choose our every friend
    And some friendships last for a brief span and some friendships in death only end
    True friendships transcend disagreements true friends as true friends do remain
    You lose nine for one reason or other out of every ten new friends you do gain read more »

    Francis Duggan
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