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  • 13.
    Friendship's Mystery, To my Dearest Lucasia

    COme, my Lucasia, since we see
    That Miracles Mens faith do move,
    By wonder and by prodigy
    To the dull angry world let's prove
    There's a Religion in our Love.

    For though we were design'd t' agree,
    That Fate no liberty destroyes,
    But our Election is as free
    As Angels, who with greedy choice
    Are yet determin'd to their joyes.


    Our hearts are doubled by the loss,
    Here Mixture is Addition grown ;
    We both diffuse, and both ingross :
    And we whose minds are so much one,
    Never, yet ever are alone.


    We court our own Captivity
    Than Thrones more great and innocent :
    'Twere banishment to be set free,
    Since we wear fetters whose intent
    Not Bondage is, but Ornament.


    Divided joyes are tedious found,
    And griefs united easier grow :
    We are our selves but by rebound,
    And all our Titles shuffled so,
    Both Princes, and both Subjects too.


    Our Hearts are mutual Victims laid,
    While they (such power in Friendship lies)
    Are Altars, Priests, and Off'rings made :
    And each Heart which thus kindly dies,
    Grows deathless by the Sacrifice. read more »

  • 14.
    Friendship Between Ephelia And Ardelia

    Eph. What Friendship is, ARDELIA shew.
    Ard. 'Tis to love, as I love You.
    Eph. This Account, so short (tho' kind)
    Suits not my enquiring Mind. read more »

  • 15.
    The Tear

    When Friendship or Love
    Our sympathies move;
    When Truth, in a glance, should appear,
    The lips may beguile, read more »

  • 16.
    On Friendship

    Your friend is your needs answered.
    He is your field which you sow with love and reap with thanksgiving.
    And he is your board and your fireside. read more »

  • 17.
    The Miracle of Friendship

    There is a Miracle called Friendship
    that dwells within the heart
    and you don't know how it happens read more »

  • 18.
    Friendship After Love

    After the fierce midsummer all ablaze
    Has burned itself to ashes, and expires
    In the intensity of its own fires,
    There come the mellow, mild, St. Martin days read more »

  • 19.

    WHEN fragrant gales and summer show'rs
    Call'd forth the sweetly scented flow'rs;
    When ripen'd sheaves of golden grain,
    Strew'd their rich treasures o'er the plain; read more »

  • 20.
    Sonnet XCVI

    Some say thy fault is youth, some wantonness;
    Some say thy grace is youth and gentle sport;
    Both grace and faults are loved of more and less;
    Thou makest faults graces that to thee resort. read more »

  • 21.

    Dear friend, I pray thee, if thou wouldst be proving
    Thy strong regard for me,
    Make me no vows. Lip-service is not loving; read more »

  • 22.

    I knew it the first of the summer,
    I knew it the same at the end,
    That you and your love were plighted,
    But couldn’t you be my friend? read more »

  • 23.
    The Reply to Time

    O TIME, forgive the mournful song
    That on thy pinions stole along,
    When the rude hand of pain severe
    Chas'd down my cheek the burning tear; read more »

  • 24.
    On Leaving Some Friends At An Early Hour

    Give me a golden pen, and let me lean
    On heaped-up flowers, in regions clear, and far;
    Bring me a tablet whiter than a star,
    Or hand of hymning angel, when 'tis seen read more »

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