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In this page, poems on / about “friendship” are listed.

  • 325.
    Acting sence

    On the world
    Any age... read more »

    otteri selvakumar
  • 326.
    Pretending It's Not Real

    A shooting star flew by
    And you quickly came to mind
    You're exactly what I wanted
    You're what my thoughts would find read more »

    SarahLaney Long
  • 327.


    Friendship is such a fine thing; the best way to describe it is through poetry. All through your life you meet plenty of people. Some stay and some leave. But true friends leave their footprints in your heart. With friends around, life can be fun. After all, they are there all through our highs and lows. People who share your happiness but vanish when you are sad are not worth being friends. As an ode to your everlasting friendship, we bring you poems on friendship. Write down a poem for your friend and see the person smile like never before! For ideas, you can always check our related sections that offer poems for different types of poems. read more »

    Jalpesh Upadhyay
  • 328.
    On Revisiting Harrow

    Here once engaged the stranger's view
    Young Friendship's record simply traced;
    Few were her words; but yet, though few,
    Resentment's hand the line defaced. read more »

    George Gordon Byron
  • 329.
    Pretending it's not real

    A shooting star flew by
    And you quickly came to mind
    You're exactly what I wanted
    You're what my thoughts would find read more »

    susan brealey
  • 330.
    eternal friendship

    Even if this world ends,
    Even if we die;
    Our friendship shall never fade,
    It is our only aid. read more »

    alina luiz
  • 331.
    The Little Things

    The giant cockroach struggles against the tiny ants
    As he fights for his life, the ants try and take him away to eat
    A one on three million battle that he will never win
    The little ants finally succeed and take him away read more »

    Tamara Moir
  • 332.
    Seek your knowledge in observation.

    Seek your knowledge in observation.
    Know friendship to be the truest bond of all,
    Near perfect is Love platonic in essence.
    Within nature perceive the friendship of all, read more »

    David Lacey
  • 333.
    Friendship Traffic Jam

    Friendships like a two-way street without a passing lane
    You can only go so fast and you really can’t complain
    Friendships like those railroad tracks without a schedule
    You never know when the train will come, and you’re almost out of fuel read more »

    Kathleen J. Shields
  • 334.
    Frienships and Love is a Joke

    Friendships and Love is all a joke
    Don't ask me why you already know
    Friends lie and backstab you
    Love if you're far away of course it won't work read more »

    dayerlin baez
  • 335.

    Love and friendship make human life divine on Earth;
    Such a relationship it is rare to expect in other planets!
    Love unites all as one entity in a world of chaos ever
    And friendship maintains the bond of love well forever. read more »

    Ramesh T A
  • 336.

    A few intellectual individuals formed a friendship forum;
    Its intention was to follow a plan for intellectual development.
    If the plan was not feasible it had to be disbanded instantly;
    If it worked out well the intellectuals would have a friendship! read more »

    Ramesh T A
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