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In this page, poems on / about “friendship” are listed.

  • 361.

    And the sun fills the sky
    And tomorrow will turn into today
    The time for our friendship feels so right
    You were dreaming the morning away read more »

    Aldo Kraas
  • 362.
    You Tell Me!

    Not a friend
    Chances are manipulations
    Chances arent what friendships are made of
    Thats not a friendship read more »

    Evelyn Castillo
  • 363.
    Special Friendship

    Even in the busy chores of morning,
    We just wish each other morning,
    That's the way our day starts,
    As we know each other through heart. read more »

    anju addanki
  • 364.

    Our friendship has grown over the years

    we started as aquantances but soon became friends read more »

    Haley Hudson
  • 365.
    Thanks for being you

    A friend is someone who cares,
    someone who is always there.
    A friend is special
    you can tell everything to. read more »

    sarah sorkin
  • 366.

    There is a thing somewhere
    Existing in this world
    It is the thing that shines
    More sparkling than a pearl. read more »

    Ashmita Saha
  • 367.
    Give Friendship a Little Time

    Let’s have a seat and talk a while,
    About the friendship that makes us smile
    About yesteryears that came our way
    That made us who we are today. read more »

    chinkyeyed lady
  • 368.
    ...TwO HeArTs In 1...

    Whatever you do
    I’ll be waiting for you
    If you feel your heart is broken in half along with its partial beat
    I’ll give you the other half of mine to make it complete read more »

    Marria Attar
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