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Crying For Love - Poem by Valentine Mbagu

My heart is broken for the love you took away,
knowing my heart belongs to you.
My spirit is wounded for the love you took away,
knowing my spirit agrees with you.
My soul is bruised for the love you took away,
knowing we are meant to be friends together forever.

My heart have never known love,
not until l met you.
My spirit have never known kindness,
not until you came.
My soul have never known comfort,
not until you came.

The first time l saw you your smile attracted me to you.
Though l feared to speak to you but l admired you from afar.

Now whenever l sleep is you that l dream of.
Whenever l think is you that l think of.
Whenever my heart beats is you that it beats for.

I can't seem to get you off my mind,
knowing my heart belongs to you.
I can't seem to move along without you,
knowing we are meant to be friends together forever.
I can't seem to stop thinking about you,
knowing my heart beats for you.

My passion for you eludes the illusion of lust.
My love for you can neither words nor speech explain.

Never did you give me the chance to express my feelings for you.
Never did you allow me to tell you how much my heart desired you.
Never did you give me the opportunity to tell you how much you meant to me.

We were friends together hoping to be forever,
now you break up the news to my heart.
We were to be together forever as friends,
now you are leaving me.

Kachi you have broken my heart by taking away your heart from me.
Kachi you have bruised my spirit by separating yourself from me.
Kachi you have wounded my soul by bleaching our friendship.

My heart is in pains for the love you took away,
knowing you quenched my fears with your smiles.
My spirit is in sorrow for the love and care you took away,
knowing your smiles were my comfort.

The tears of love in my heart you alone can wipe.
The pains of love in my soul you alone can stop.
The wounds of love in my spirit,
your smiles alone can heal.

Kachi come back for l am worthy of your friendship.
Kachi hear my heart beat for we are meant to be friends forever.
Kachi comfort me with your smiles for your beauty radiates upon my soul.

In my memory will your personality be engraved forever,
though you are leaving me.
In my heart will your smiles be encrypted forever,
knowing your smiles gave me comfort in distress.
In my spirit will your beauty be cherished forever,
knowing you are my goddess.

It hurts to know you are leaving me lonely,
knowing my heart seeks solace in you.
It hurts to know you are leaving me desolate,
knowing your smile gives me comfort in distress.

Whose smiles and beauty will comfort me?
Whose character and charisma will adorn me?
Whose love and friendship will cheer me up?

Though we are not designed for each other,
but we are designed from the same destiny as friends.

Come back Kachi for my heart belongs to you.

Though our friendship is new,
but my heart remains your abode.

Come back Kachi let not our friendship be entangled.

There goes my heroine away with my love,
will there ever be a friend like her?
There goes my goddess of beauty away with my heart,
does she really care about me?
There goes my friend away with her smiles,
does she know how much my heart desires her every minute of the day?

Will she ever come back to me,
knowing we are to be friends forever?

Come back Kachi for my soul desires your smiles.
Come back Kachi for my heart desires your friendship.
Come back Kachi for my spirit adorns your beauty;
knowing you alone can stop my heart from crying for love.

Comments about Crying For Love by Valentine Mbagu

  • Rookie - 12 Points Farah Ilyas (9/27/2013 1:57:00 PM)

    My passion for you eludes the illusion of lust.
    My love for you can neither words nor speech explain....nostalgic memories spoils us more than poison, kill us again n poignant in nature your poem is :) (Report) Reply

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