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Poems About: FUN

In this page, poems on / about “fun” are listed.

  • 277.
    John Peel Is Dead

    John Peel is dead
    Stop all the clocks
    Or at least turn off the radio
    If John Peel is dead then read more »

    Sean Joyce
  • 278.

    why shall we speak of laughter
    why shall we speak of fun
    when all that's left is disaster
    and everything is done read more »

    nicole Davis
  • 279.

    6 little number all it would take,
    to be a millionaire oh what fun would it make?
    To bask in the sun and
    enjoy all the fun read more »

    Life Dee
  • 280.

    Snow is falling all around me,
    This means I can't get Carrie out, read more »

    Claire Page
  • 281.
    Last Call

    Tonights My Last Night
    So Drink Up, Boys
    It's Been Fun
    But It's Last Call read more »

  • 282.
    Day Trip 1

    Woke up this morning
    Where shall we go? What shall we do?
    Let’s go to Fortescue!
    Have a day of fun in the sun read more »

    Nancy Chambers
  • 283.
    Rhyme Is My Crime

    People made fun of me.
    It use to be songs I'd repeat.
    I'd hear a word or phrase,
    then match a song halfway read more »

    JoJo Bean
  • 284.
    Happy Halloween ^.^

    Ghosts pop up to say hello
    The tombstones rattle to and fro
    Witches cackle in the night
    And a cat's screech would give you fright read more »

    Booklover Tv Lounger
  • 285.
    Dancing in the Rain with Grandpa

    Dancing in the rain is always good fun,
    But dancing with grandpa is always a
    special one!
    I love the pitter-patter rain drops, read more »

  • 286.
    Words hurt

    O it is so hard being the fool
    When you treat me o so cruel
    You can knock me down with just a fraise
    Leaving me there in a tear filled haze read more »

    Dennis Walker
  • 287.

    True friends i have none.
    i thought before i had a ton.
    but now its over we've had our fun.
    this is our friendships end it finished and done. read more »

    Chelsea Vannorden
  • 288.
    I Miss.....

    I miss all the fun times we had
    I even miss the ones that were bad
    I miss all those fun Friday nights
    When I predicted everything and was right read more »

    LaTisha Parkinson
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