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Poems About: FUNERAL

In this page, poems on / about “funeral” are listed.

  • 109.

    When Grandpa died
    We went to the funeral home
    There was a funeral to plan,
    And a casket to select read more »

    Patti Masterman
  • 110.
    Sorry I missed your funeral.

    Will you ever forgive, me for missing your funeral?
    You might have seen the pain I felt when I heard you passed
    Every time I see your picture
    My heart just pours out read more »

    Nangamso Ndikandika
  • 111.

    fending the ending,
    pending, you wait read more »

    William Pryor
  • 112.
    Ballade Of The Hardy Annual

    Many a jest that refuses to die
    Bobs up again as the seasons appear;
    Deathless it hits us again in the eye-
    Changeless and dull as the calendar year. read more »

    Franklin P. Adams
  • 113.
    At Our Funeral

    Have you been to a funeral yet, after The Lord you have met?
    A special funeral for all of us, who have come to Christ Jesus,
    A funeral of your independence, as your heart, to God relents,
    When indeed, you die to self, now alive in The Savior’s wealth. read more »

    Bob Gotti
  • 114.
    The Funeral Song

    Who will sing the funeral songs of mine?
    O my dear heart
    Think and observe all the elements
    Than answers the question truly read more »

    Md. Moniruzzaman
  • 115.
    Afternoon in February

    The day is ending,
    The night is descending;
    The marsh is frozen,
    The river dead. read more »

    Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  • 116.
    Play Jolly Music at My Funeral

    I’ve taken in recent years to thinking about my funeral
    and have decided to make one paramount request:
    play jolly music at that ritual.
    What good does it do to heap on dirges read more »

    Richard Greene
  • 117.
    A Day Will Come

    A day will come when I will die,
    I won't want you to sit and cry.
    I want instead from all, a smile,
    Ignore the fixed funeral style. read more »

    Mal Sharp
  • 118.
    A Junkie’s Mother Goes Walking Into Darkness

    He died to joy when the needle entered his vein
    Ashes of truth, an ever ending war
    She wants a funeral held for her son’s lost childhood
    She wants the past to open, a swinging door read more »

    sheena blackhall
  • 119.
    Statues Crumble

    Still and tall as a statue.
    I stand straight with perfect posture
    At every event.
    Be it a birthday party, read more »

    Aria Lei
  • 120.
    Poetry Can Damage Your Health

    The day my doctor died of smoking
    I bought myself a fat cigar -
    I realised he must be joking,
    His funeral was so bizarre: read more »

    John Thorkild Ellison
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