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Poems About: FUNERAL

In this page, poems on / about “funeral” are listed.

  • 313.

    i am a

    non-event, read more »

    Francis Santaquilani
  • 314.
    The Black Psalm

    The mourning lullabies, gathering in colorful numbers
    The empty dreams that my mind seem to lose track of
    While my soul, silently slumbers, into the empty darkness
    And the echoes of the outside world, are softly left behind read more »

    Jason PraTT
  • 315.

    Funerals and weddings are about
    the family you’re embarrassed to belong to;
    as soon as arrive you’re filled with doubt,
    and wish to leave, but know it would be wrong to. read more »

    gershon hepner
  • 316.
    Love Lost, Part I

    His grandma dead now, gone and passed away
    The last page of her life written and closed
    Her scarves lay neatly in the drawer
    Of her dresser of solid, antique, oak read more »

    Danny Speicher
  • 317.

    Leather seats soaked with tears,
    Unable to comprehend the pain
    She seats the weak read more »

    George Smith
  • 318.
    The Ghost & The Princess - Part I

    Her in womb robes read more »

    Miss Fairytale
  • 319.

    I remember that night like it was yesterday
    Driving to the clinic
    Denial is amazing
    Stopping for nicotine enroute read more »

    Shannon Black
  • 320.
    Its Been Too Long

    I wish I could go back in time
    To tell him that I loved him
    Until he died I never knew I would be without him
    Its been two years and too long read more »

  • 321.
    When I'm Dead

    When I’m dead
    Which won’t be wrong
    I want no flowers
    No tender song read more »

    Justin Fitzpatrick
  • 322.
    Double Tragedy

    I hate that this has consumed me,
    But my quiet moments are filled
    With the thoughts of these two tragedies,
    Two loses, two caskets, two days travel, read more »

    Lorene Kinsey
  • 323.

    I'm dead
    No more words
    No more friends
    No more love read more »

    silent for ever more
  • 324.

    Despised Crow
    Who loves you
    But another Crow.
    Blessed with ugly grace, read more »

    Martin Swords
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