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Little Boy Lost - Poem by Joe Rosochacki

It has been a week, tomorrow, that Michael Jackson left this world.
This enigma of life surrounds the mystery of his death.
First there are the children, especially the first two,
Was his dermatologist the sperm donor?
His dermatologist’s nurse, that he wed,
Was it in her ovaries that produced the egg cell?
Did he actually impregnate, consummate his marriage on a Neverland bed?
There are so many questions and too little answers.
This past week has brought the end to the Jon & Kate plus Eight fiascos.
Now Joe Jackson is hawking is record company on the grave of his son.
I saw a program in which Michael Jackson stated he was “Peter Pan”.
I wondered about his plastic surgery to his face he had done.
I first thought he was trying to be a ‘Diana Ross’.
Then after thinking about it, she did not change her skin color,
And much more than that, she did not have a ‘pixie nose’.
I viewed a special which spoke partly about his alienation with the black,
-the Afro-American community.
(I’m still wondering if ‘white people’ will the identification of Euro-American.)
Anyway, “Eureka”, I’ve found the answer to this- alas, not to infinity.
Michael did not want to become white, disenchant his Afro-American heritage.
He wanted to be the physical incarnation the animated drawing of Peter Pan.
Complete with pixie nose, the eyebrows that were slightly rounded at a 105 degree angle,
Like the cartoon of Peter Pan,
- his wide mouth in proportion to his lower jaw and his wide open eyes and his mascara.
And, mainly Peter Pan was ‘white’.
I could not see his pointed ears for his smooth hair would dangle,
-upon his ears.
He just wanted to be himself, Peter Pan.
He wanted to escape the trauma that Joe Jackson laid upon him,
To escape to a fairy world, where kids lay in bed, nothing sexual involved.
Because, Peter Pan was asexual or androgynous at best.
Could this be the reason why he was misunderstood?
Could this be the inner-mind realm that propagated his genius?
He will missed by certainly most of us.
His funeral is to take place on Friday.
If you think Princess Di’s funeral procession was big,
You ain’t seen nothing yet! Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba baby…….. You ain’t seen nothing yet!
Michael Jackson’s story is not over, his second act about to start.
But one that he will do posthumously.
This was It!
Michael Jackson’s lived 50 years; his legend goes on for an eternity.

This is one of many an epilogue to the observation to Neverland has Finally Come Home
(sadly with more to come) Paradoxical isn’t it? So is the story of Michael Joseph Jackson.

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