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Poems About: FUNNY

In this page, poems on / about “funny” are listed.

  • 205.

    when u said that you will
    never live me and u said belive me
    and now you aren't with hey
    isen't THAT funny? read more »

    marie armany
  • 206.

    'Pink, you know how I knew you were funny? '

    'How? ' read more »

    Randy Briggs
  • 207.

    Is a funny word
    It makes you think every time its heard
    It can make you happy, it can make you sad read more »

    Matthew Winter
  • 208.
    greek-tragedy funny

    when all things are shed
    like one takes off one’s clothes
    and removes the make-up
    or as one discards one’s body read more »

    Raj Arumugam
  • 209.
    my shukkus

    Far away on the destiny
    I met a person who was not so funny

    Calm and silent world, he would like read more »

    Monica kulal
  • 210.

    Like songs that say only
    I like it like that or read more »

    Jennifer L. Knox
  • 211.

    I wish that I was funny
    I've tried it once before
    I made the little ones cry
    Someone slammed a door read more »

    Jessica Lockhart
  • 212.
    Kind Words

    Honest read more »

    Catherine Hendry
  • 213.
    Skateboarding Ghost -new-

    Last year when the televisions
    in the windows across the street
    went dark
    when it was either time to sleep read more »

    Liilia Talts Morrison
  • 214.
    White Heat

    The mountain is there to be climbed
    The weather its own
    Maybe violent maybe calm
    Funny like Cagney read more »

    Trevor Maynard
  • 215.
    The Mirror

    Thinking in the mirror
    that sort of funny mirror
    which returns straight a lightly gaze
    and seemenly echos some normality read more »

    Rob Francis Parsons
  • 216.
    With You

    With you
    I do things
    Things that I don’t normally do
    With other guys read more »

    Nasteha Liban
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