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Poems About: FUNNY

In this page, poems on / about “funny” are listed.

  • 97.
    bugs bunny! !

    My honey bunny
    Dunt be bugs bunny
    Its matter of souls
    Not a flare funny read more »

    Somia Race
  • 98.

    read more »

    ackh 4ever
  • 99.
    moon with a funny smile

    read more »

    david gerardino
  • 100.
    Funny That

    Funny how a smile can light up your day
    Strange how a stranger can fight fears away
    Weird how a puppy can constantly play
    Odd how simplicity makes it all okay read more »

    Alex Daydream
  • 101.
    The Fool In You

    So funny how you think
    When you chat with your friends and drink
    So funny the words you speak
    Forgetting it is your secret you leak read more »

    klever Gold
  • 102.
    Oh Brother

    I see no one comments on misery
    I'll try to be light with comedy
    Something funny for today
    To help us on our way read more »

    David Darbyshire
  • 103.

    read more »

    david gerardino
  • 104.

    Heaven is a funny place
    It's not a lot like day-care
    Try to pay your way there:
    They'll tell you at the door read more »

    Morgan Michaels
  • 105.

    Funny Little Bureaucrats
    Little Pencil Pushers
    Little Funny Aristocrats
    What's It All Worth read more »

    Chris Leermakers
  • 106.

    It's funny how time flies by so fast,
    leaves you wishing all these moments would last, read more »

    Ashlee VanDyken
  • 107.
    It's Funny

    How is it that a person can make a covenant promise and have no intention on following through on the promise made?

    How is it that you can show no remorse over the pain you've caused another human person read more »

    Sylvia Loven Carter
  • 108.

    read more »

    david gerardino
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