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Poems About: FUTURE

In this page, poems on / about “future” are listed.

  • 253.
    Never Give Up On Hope

    Never give up on hope never give up who knows what tomorrow will bring
    Keep on hoping for a happier future for hope is a marvellous thing
    Lady luck she may smile on you good things come to those who wait
    Who knows in the not distant future you may have cause to celebrate read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 254.
    Left Bereft

    I face the future fearfully
    it’s time to say my last farewell.
    The grey sky weeps in sympathy.
    My joy in life is gone from me. read more »

    ivor or ivor.e hogg
  • 255.
    My future

    My future sounds like it so far away
    but it gets closer to me each and every day
    Im not sure on what I truly want to be
    Everyone around is just confusing me read more »

    Rashidah Writs
  • 256.
    Live in the present

    God gives us a gift He calls the present
    Use every second wisely so you will never resent

    Your past or you future and what may have made you blue read more »

    Henry Brown
  • 257.

    Inspiration, why inspiration? Must i be inspired? What use is it? What benefit has it for me? Many are future leaders but make themselves future servants many have great future but are not future builders because, they lack inspiration many are talented but do not develop their talent many are programmed but are not programme executors becaus read more »

    chibuzor ossai
  • 258.
    I Am Africa

    I am a son to my Father, I am born to my Africa, I am the Future!
    I am my own Father, I am on my own an African in my Africa, I am my own Future!
    I am to my son a Father, I am a People to my Africa, I am present in my Future!
    I am now a man just like my Father, I am Africa, I am making history in my Future! read more »

    Makabongwe Nkambule
  • 259.
    I Crave For Success

    I dream the future without the past
    Of when my success will be a blast
    Intent of heart, I see the best
    Hope for the future, with God I rest. read more »

    Vyktor Ekott
  • 260.
    A Future Time

    A future time, a future place
    Here on Earth or out in space
    The doors are open if you choose
    To learn the skills that you can use read more »

    James M. Morris
  • 261.
    My Vivid Future

    As I walk down the road and think
    I think about my adulthood in a good way
    My future is going to be a blast, no it won't shrink read more »

    Ashley Jackson
  • 262.
    An Expectant Mother

    (Who knows about the importance of the present time more than an expectant mother does?)

    She's not just expecting a baby, read more »

    KnowledgeSincerityWisdom KSW
  • 263.
    A New Day Of Life

    A very new day dawns at your feet
    Awakening those whom you've to defeat
    It is fresh, maiden and lacks its fate
    It will accept whatever your hands will create read more »

    Himanshu Mishra
  • 264.
    The Red past and the Green future

    The story of red past is a tragedy full of nobility
    It’s the history of eternal faces
    The history of an unfair war
    That now happens due to tar read more »

    Ellias Anderson C.A ( Known as captain A)
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