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African Child - Poem by Adewale Ajakanri

African Child
Black is my color
I am an African Child
I live a life of fear as poverty is a close friend to us
I wake all day with tears hoping for a better tomorrow

I look around me and what I see is death, destruction and misery
Life seems not to favor us
Our prayers daily is just to get a smile
We don't need prayers from helpless soul
Your prayers can't bring food
Your prayers are not with actions
Government promises us food water and shelter
Yet we are still starving

I am an African child
I have a dream
Save me and let me be free
To live my life as you did
Give me hope and see what the future would tell for me
Don’t let me despair
Give me a helping hand and show me that you care

I am an African child
Give up your arms
Give up the fight
Don't discriminate me, forget my color
Never doubt my future
For when you are gone the problems will still be there
Affection and love is still needed in my heart
Save we the African children
And let us see that we no longer have to live in the world of misery

I am an African child
Hungry for food and hungry for love
Doves no longer come visiting us in Africa
As they know there is no love
We feed on the milk of a dying cow
We drink tears of our mother
We wear plant with strings
We breath in disease
We play in sorrow
We walk on the soil of death

I am an African child
I want a smile
I want to laugh out
Save me to save a future
I have a dream
An African dream
Full of joy, happiness and great laughter at the end for all African child

I am an African child
Don't trade my future for CFA
Don't trade my dream for slavery
Give me a smile like Temitayo Ogungbure had given other African child
Save my future with laughter
Save my African dream with love, food, water and shelter
Fight for my future
Eradicate poverty in my life
Make a path to success for me
Help me with a dove heart
And strengthen my dream

I am African child
I am going to be a great child to the world in the future
But save me to save the world

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