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What Would We Like To Say To You? From Andrew Jackson And Claudonia Belle Rogers - Poem by Vaudaline Thomas

We read you a short message
And you asked if it came from us.
Your question made us stop and think...
That for someone so dear,
what could our message be?

What would we like to say to you?
so many thoughts are on our minds...
Instead of stopping to sort them out,
We'll let them run freely for a time.

Enjoy each moment,
Our dear and trusted friend,
For into your life
This moment will never come again.

For it, too, will join the past
And be a part of all our yesterdays,
Another experience recorded and gone,
Yet, another moment
that can help to guide our way.

We must give thought to the future
And for the future make some plans--
Yet, only a few plans,
For the future is promised to no man.

That's why the present moment
Take on such an important role,
For this very moment may determine
If we are to reach our goal.

And let this present moment
Be lived to its fullest capacity,
For this very moment
May be your bridge into eternity.

The present is indeed a bridge,
Our bridge from the past to future times,
So be sure it's strong and firm;
Make it one of a kid.

For if you are blessed, my friend
To see the dawning of tomorrow's day,
The bridge you build today
Will be a foundation to help
guide your way.

When you are blessed
With the presence of your friends
Enjoy the blessings of the moment;
It will never come again.

There will be moments
Of sorting out our yesterdays;
There will be moments
To dream of the future along the way.

There will be moments
For saying goodbye, but
Just as surely, a moment for "Hello!"
Is waiting on the tide.

Each moment has a purpose
For coming into your life.
Each moment is a precious treasure;
Put into it all your might.

Live it, enjoy it,
Let not it from you escape
By dreaming of tomorrow
Or looking back at yesterday.

We are inspired by you;
You added new depth to us.
Where joy already lived,
You brought joy abundantly.

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