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Is Your Future In Your Hands? - Poem by Julius Babarinsa

In metaphorical sense, many people will answer in the positive
In realistic terms, several folks will say it is a possibility
In metaphysical language, it is said, “your palms will never lie to you”

Is your future in your hands?
Look at your right and left palms, do you notice the difference?
No two people on this earth have the same lines on their palms
Even twins born on the same day have different lines on their palms

Is your future in your hands?
It is believed that the lines on our right and left palms contain secrets
All our secrets from cradle to the grave are said to be embedded in our palms
Our life journey from birth to death is alleged to be mapped in our palms

The art of interpreting the lines on our palms is called palmistry
Some describe it as palm-reading, others label it as chiromancy
There are many lines on our palms such as Life line, Head line,
Heart line, Money line, Destiny line, and many others

Some ask – who invented or discovered the esoteric science called palmistry?
All we know is that palmistry has been in use since time immemorial
The ancients have used palmistry to increase their knowledge of metaphysics
And thereby gaining mastery over their own lives and the environment

Others pondered - how precise is this esoteric science called palmistry?
The accuracy of palmistry depends on the wisdom of the palm-reader
It rests on the eruditeness and professionalism of the palmist
If the palm-reader is able to read your past with accuracy
Then the palmist should be in position to forecast your future

Is your future in your hands?
We human beings have the incredible power of free-will
This means that no future forecast is carved in stone or infallible
We all exist on earth to be architects of our good fortunes
On the lighter side, please do not waste your precious time
Trying to erase or remove the lines on your palms
Enjoy your life, eat right and remember to stay happy

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