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Looking To The Future - Poem by AaI Harvey

Looking To The Future.

Rushing to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow,
Will only leave you missing its beauty
And always looking to tomorrow.
To wish to have the future, handed to you like a present,
Will leave you left in a perpetual state of regret.

Don’t forever spend your time looking forward;
Live in the now before you miss it.
What will be, will be, you can’t change the future.
Your destiny has already been written
And you can’t change that.

It surely is a shame that you’re rushing to your deaths.
Slow down, relax, there’s plenty of time yet.
You have a whole life to live, stop risking it so,
Stop and look around. Live today, not tomorrow.

If there’s something, you wish to see,
Put your life on hold, tomorrow may be too late.
If there’s a place, you dream you could be,
Make it so, don’t let it become another missed opportunity.
But don’t miss the Heaven, in front of you now,
Seize this chance at purity,
Before you’re floating up into the clouds

Embrace the now, don’t just reach for the future,
For that you can never, get your hands upon.
Call in sick and just lay here with each other,
For sometime in the future,
You may be waiting for this moment to come.

Be spontaneous, make a choice and go with it,
There’s no telling where it could lead,
That’s why it is so exciting.
This day could be your last, or it could change your life,
So be content with what you have now
And leave tomorrow out of sight.

Kiss her lips, hold her hand,
Say I love you, again and again
And make sure you mean every word you say to her,
For tomorrow something could change,
Your opinions of each other.
But I’m sure it won’t, you’ll last forever,
If you can both truly stay faithful to one another.

(C) 2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

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