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Poems About: GIRL

In this page, poems on / about “girl” are listed.

  • 109.
    Did You Really Love Her?

    You Said I Love You
    You Said You Don't Lie
    You Said You Won't Leave read more »

    jamie newcomb
  • 110.
    In this mirror

    In this mirror I see a girl who crys, I see a girl filled with lies.
    In this mirror I see a girl who hides her fears, in this mirror I see a girl who wipes away her tears.
    I see a gilr who bows to her knees. I see a girls who hates what she sees.
    In this mirror I see a girl who wants to be set free. read more »

    Olivia Riggan
  • 111.

    There was once a girl
    so bold and kind
    with a smile that made
    the night skys blind read more »

    Kathlyn Grace
  • 112.
    to every girl

    To every girl that's said, 'Sex CAN wait'
    To every girl that's said, 'You're handsome.'
    To every girl that was never too busy to drive across town to see him.
    To every girl that gives flowers and a card when he is sick. read more »

    eliot perez
  • 113.
    Big Girls Don't Cry

    I’m not Fergie
    But I’m trying to be….
    A big girl now
    I don’t want to cry read more »

    LaTisha Parkinson
  • 114.
    Young girl! ! *

    Young girl don't run
    Just look to the sun
    Young girl don't hide
    Just look inside read more »

    Becky Ginn
  • 115.
    I Am The Girl

    I am the girl who is always in the way
    Who no one wants to listen to what i have to say
    The girl who sits alone
    Without one friend to call my own read more »

    Laura Hollan
  • 116.
    a care in the world

    shes a girl perfect and small
    shes a girl no care in the world
    shes a girl popular and sweet
    shes a girl no where to turn read more »

    becky hassall
  • 117.
    Pretty Girl

    Pretty girl, oh pretty girl
    You think you've seen the world
    Prancing around, and dancing around
    With your bright long curls read more »

    Brittany Miles
  • 118.
    helpful eyes

    You are my russian girl,
    don't need blond hair accent,
    you are my italian girl
    full of round tomato kisses, read more »

    John Rolland
  • 119.
    This Girl

    This girl she laughed she cried
    This girl she went and sighed

    All she wanted was a friend read more »

    Gansta gurl
  • 120.

    Once there was a girl
    Once she fell in love

    Once she got hurt read more »

    Alexa Allender
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