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Poems About: GIRL

In this page, poems on / about “girl” are listed.

  • 121.
    Without You (I Need U)

    Without you girl the sun does not
    Without you girl my heart will surely
    Die. read more »

    ManYo Da BayB Prince
  • 122.
    Your Rockstar

    I wanna be your rockstar
    the girl that makes you smile
    I wanna be your rockstar
    That girl that you cant get out or your mind read more »

    Danny Smith
  • 123.

    The girl my heart beats for,
    The girl my soul hopes for.
    Who is this girl I have met,
    The girl I love for, read more »

    Max Parriott
  • 124.
    The Girl With

    it all, is standing by the coffee machine,
    she is straightening her perfect hair
    the girl with it all is checking her diary
    & I'm nowhere near it read more »

    Jason Jackson
  • 125.
    That Girl

    That Girl I can't get her outta my head
    That Girl I think about her when I go to bed

    That Girl she is driving me so insane read more »

    Chase Dryden
  • 126.
    The Creek

    Down by the creek sat
    a girl and her bunny,
    a bunny with eyes
    a bunny who cries read more »

    Zaynah Gatling
  • 127.
    The Other Girl

    The Other Girl says all men are dogs
    LaCicely has begged to differ

    The Other Girl has a man at home read more »

    LaCicely Nicole
  • 128.
    She's The Girl

    She's the girl that falls in love too easily.
    She's the girl that won't let you go.
    She's the girl that gives up.
    She's the girl that no one likes. read more »

    Madeline Nolin
  • 129.
    Smart Girls

    boys don't like
    smart girls

    they like read more »

    Casey Renee Kiser
  • 130.

    girls are hot
    girls are awesome
    girls are beatiful
    with meets the eye read more »

    zachary belcher
  • 131.
    She Won't Swallow It

    Warning-Sexual content! May not be suitable for all readers!

    Parody of the classic song from the film of the same name The Girl Can't Help It read more »

    Ramona Thompson
  • 132.
    i am who i am


    Im the type of girl that can make you smile
    Im the type of girl that can make you laugh read more »

    ana cristina perez
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