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Poems About: GIRL

In this page, poems on / about “girl” are listed.

  • 13.
    I wanna a girl..!

    I wanna a girl,
    A girl with Brave Heart,
    A girl with an Winning Smile,
    A girl who will make me laugh, read more »

    (c) Vish.. Vishnu Gupta
  • 14.
    my girl

    my girl is cute
    my girl is sexy
    my girl is crazzy
    my girl is hot read more »

    jencelyn marin
  • 15.
    Gone girl

    Detention girl,
    Suspension girl,
    Lives off a pention girl. read more »

    Kaycee Anne
  • 16.
    I am...

    I am a girl
    I am an African American girl
    I am a broken hearted girl
    I am a stud read more »

    Joy O' Pateng
  • 17.
    All Different Girls

    All Different Girls
    By: Sabrina Smith

    Pretty girl, who is to blame read more »

    Sabrina Smith
  • 18.
    Folly Of A Lover Boy

    The boy had something else to tell
    about some other girl
    as if he was in a hurry to show
    an honesty certificate must read more »

    Palas kumar Ray
  • 19.
    Be any girl you can be

    Be the girl with the winning smile
    Be the girl who wins be a mile
    Be the girl with made up hair
    Be the girl who is known everywhere read more »

    Kay Goff
  • 20.
    Cool Girls

    Cool Girls

    Cool girls standing there
    Laughing and twirling your hair read more »

    Ellen Greene
  • 21.

    Gorgeous girl, who is it to blame
    Anonymous girl, who knows her name
    Saddened girl, who makes her cry
    Blind girl, who can't love anymore read more »

    Joy O' Pateng
  • 22.
    The Checklist

    Meet girl,
    Talk to girl,
    Connect with girl,
    Make girl laugh, read more »

    Jeremy Rascon
  • 23.
    The girl and the guy

    Guy meets girl
    girl likes guy
    guy loves girl
    girl hates guy read more »

    Robbie Pham
  • 24.
    I am

    I am the girl who u call when everything goes wrong
    I am the girl who u come to for advice
    I am the girl who u tell everything to
    I am the girl who’s heart is breaking read more »

    lindsey kidd
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