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Poems About: GIRL

In this page, poems on / about “girl” are listed.

  • 49.
    The Girl Who Is Me

    A simple word
    Yet at the same time
    Complicated read more »

    Tuna Fish
  • 50.
    x Yes I am that girl x

    I am that girl who is wanted
    I am that girl who understands people
    I am that girl who tells the truth
    I am that girl who you can tell your secrets to read more »

    Lisa Anderson
  • 51.
    your little girl

    you dont understand me
    i'm your little girl trying to break
    i'm your little girl thats lost trying to read more »

    leticia starkey
  • 52.
    Loser Girl

    Sat alone in a corner,
    Not quite being anyone,
    Watching from the shadows,
    Hidden from the sun, read more »

    Amber Millar
  • 53.
    i am no longer

    i am no longer the girl who sits alone
    i am no longer the girl without a friend
    i am no longer the girl with the knife
    i am no longer the girl who looks at sorrow read more »

    megan watts
  • 54.
    Dark Dark Girl

    Dark girl so filled with strife
    Dark Dark girl she'll take your life
    Dark girl stay for a while
    Dark Dark girl she makes me smile read more »

    kyle potter
  • 55.
    His Words

    dark dark girl don't be afraid
    dark girl you know you should've stayed
    dark dark girl look at the light
    dark girl you know you lost that fight read more »

    Raven Ozera
  • 56.
    Baby Girl Baby Girl

    Baby girl, Baby girl
    Please don't come knocking at my door
    I can not take care of you
    Because my family is poor read more »

    Quiana Souder
  • 57.
    What A Guy Wants

    A guy wants the type of girl
    That doesn't mind staying home
    A guy wants a girl
    He can call his own read more »

    Rudy Puentes
  • 58.
    Who Is This Girl I Have Met

    The girl I can't talk to,
    The girl I can't reach to.
    The girl my heart beats for,
    The girl my soul hopes for. read more »

    Pirate Love Magic Man
  • 59.
    I, m the girl

    The names Rebecca but there call me Becky
    I'm the girl running out of places to put my books
    I'm the girl who can't spell to save my life
    I'm the girl sitting in the middle of nowhere eating a double Decker read more »

    Rebecca lucy Smith
  • 60.
    You are

    read more »

    That nice guy who wants love
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