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A Love Story - Poem by Zayne Venilos

I'm going to tell you a story
about two young lovers that met one day
a day in the spring is how this story goes
sit down and listen, let it unfold

He couldn't do much
in those first few days
he had to sit home while she came by and played
You see, the boy was grounded
because he was getting into some things
smoking pot and acting a fool
and then one of his friends told him
'Hey man, there's this girl who likes you, check her out'
they began to hang out, enjoying each others company
And it was natural
fun and carefree

A month rolled around
The boy just couldn't believe
that he was dating this girl
Now this boy, had been unsure from the beginning
of what her intentions were
Was she trying to play him?
Be like all the rest?
he put his guard up, but hoping for the best
a few days went by
and he noticed she was different
He let her into his world, she let him into hers

Another month came around
and they were sitting at the park
going on the merry-go-round and swinging on swings
Telling each other little secrets
like two little lovers and nothing more
Days went by and he stayed late at her house
They watched some movies, and cuddled all night long

School started to come to a close
and there were some rumors afloat
people saying the boy was cheating on his girl
word got around and she confronted him
With so many things being said
she didn't know who to believe
Well the boy was hurt
You see, he was telling the truth
two days went by and the girl saw reason
The boy was true to his word
but she was still unsure
so she put up a wall
to keep him out

Schools out, summers in
and they just couldn't wait
to see each other again
They spent every other day together
doing this and that
being caught up in the moment
Eventually, they both had to leave
to go out of town
The boy went to New York
and the girl to Minnesota
both on a trip, to visit some family
But they spoke every chance they got
The girl missed him
and the boy missed her
and they just couldn't wait
to see each other

Into the second month of summer
the boy was home already
waiting for his girlfriend's birthday
He called her at 1am July 5th
and said 'Happy birthday baby, Sorry its so late
I fell asleep, waiting to wish you this'
she told him thank you, and to go back to sleep
The 11th of July rolled around
and it was finally the boy's birthday
and the girl was back in town
He planned to go to the beach
to hang with all his friends
but the weather turned for the worst
and it began to rain
So the boy stayed at the girl's house
and played with her in the rain
They went back inside
and she asked him if there was anything she can do
he said no, she's already done it
all he wants and could ever need was right in front of him
and she looked at him in the eye
and said 'I love you'

August came into the scene
and they began having troubles
arguing everyday over stupid things
The boy felt sad
the girl was changing so suddenly
getting pissed off when he did something bad
Telling him he was being annoying
so the boy was constantly changing
he changed from who he was and tried to come back
but it was oh too late,
and the girl began to hate
what the boy had become
The boy sensed things were falling apart
but he didn't know what to do
so he decided to let things play out
and see if it'll work itself out

September began and the two lovers were in a predicament
they were both in school, trying to do well
and the girl started working
and never had time for the boy
A school event came around
and the boy and girl went as a couple
they sat through the ceremony and went to the dance
They had fun, but the girl refused to dance with the boy
she would tell him a few excuses
but she would turn around and dance with others
And the boy was wondering
if maybe he did something wrong
She only said he was awkward to dance with
so they kissed each other good night, and went on home

So now this story comes to a close
September was nearing an end
and the girl decided it should end
Told the boy it was going nowhere,
and she would be much happier without him
the boy was hurt
because she was the only girl he ever thought about
So they broke apart, went their seperate ways
the boy tries to find distractions
to keep him off of the thoughts of her
so the boy decided to write a poem
detailing things from his point of view
to maybe help him get over
the loneliness he feels without her
and if you have yet to guess who this boy is
This boy, is me

Comments about A Love Story by Zayne Venilos

  • Rookie Make A Wish (11/2/2008 8:35:00 PM)

    wonderful. the story is sad, but the story is also good. i think u should write a book. might be just me, but i think it would sell alot. (Report) Reply

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