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  • 205.

    Have you read God’s Book before?
    Revealing Jesus Christ
    Or seen God’s Lamb become Life’s Door
    When He was sacrificed?

    Behold the Heaven’s high above
    Behold the earth below
    Behold The One who shown His love
    Wherever we may go

    The fig tree’s turning greener now
    Soon all mankind will see
    The world will hear and see just how
    God’s children ought to be

    For countless will see God’s servants rise
    The truth will then be plain
    But they’ll remain with tearful eyes
    Because they lived in vain

    They’ll know The Word of God is true
    They see what sin has done
    That grace had saved a minute few
    Because of Christ God’s Son

    The rich the poor from black to white
    Men women child the same
    Together all refused The Light
    Revealing then there same

    But each of them will see it clear
    For all had walked in shame
    All together they’ll cry in fear
    Seeing the pit aflame

    As ever, our future’s in God’s hand
    Allow God’s servant tell
    By faith we learn to understand
    There’s Heaven and a hell read more »

  • 206.

    Anointed has a priest to be
    Through holy oil the truth to see
    Secrets of God they understand
    Revealed to them in Jesus’ hand read more »

  • 207.

    Child of God
    Res in peace
    Child of God
    Be a God servant read more »

  • 208.
    I saw God

    In eyes as clear as the air I breathe, I saw God.
    I removed all the years and the cataract of life, and I saw God

    I saw God in the father that stayed. read more »

  • 209.
    Separate From Truth

    If you choose to separate yourself, from God’s Truth of much wealth,
    You my friend shall be cut off from, God’s Truths of what is to come;
    When you ignore God’s Revelation, you put in danger, your Salvation,
    Ignoring The Truths of Jesus Christ, you’ll be cut off from Eternal Life. read more »

  • 210.

    God’s grace
    helps us face
    life’s strife in God’s pace read more »

  • 211.
    The Wind Of Change

    We find the lost in great distress
    They hear of Christ and doubt
    “ If God were real He’d see this mess
    He’d turn this world about” read more »

  • 212.
    The Pain Of Love

    On Him they spat whose eyes they bound
    They beat God’s Son then turned Him round
    “Now tell us Christ, who struck Your head? ”
    To Pilate then God’s Son was led read more »

  • 213.
    The Man Who Talks To God

    For one of self proclaimed devotion his behaviour seems odd
    And he is known by many as the man who talks to God
    His so called war on terrorism has left thousands of people dead
    Of his wars in Afghanistan and Iraq so much written and said. read more »

  • 214.

    Today God’s door is open wide
    Who come to Christ can walk inside
    God’s living house of spiritual jewels
    Its not a place for playing fools read more »

  • 215.

    God’s truth will out and must be preached
    Till earth’s four corners have been reached
    “My Ghost and Flame shall be outpoured –Joel.2: 28
    Receive my child”, thus says The Lord read more »

  • 216.
    If You Wish To Keep God On Your Side

    Many people of the World's greatest religions one common thought do share
    They think that they can save their souls from hell by the simple act of prayer
    But if there is a God and an afterlife they surely have got it wrong
    For God should be for everyone and everyone to God belong. read more »

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