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The Human Heart Ii (From The Holy Bible) - Poem by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

Pray in your heart and rejoice in the LORD
God hardens hearts and melts them just like snow;
Return to God with all your hearts contrite;
The LORD looks at your heart and knows your thoughts!

God searches hearts and touches them for good;
All that is in your heart is known to God!
As Saul left Samuel's place, God changed his heart;
Serve the LORD faithfully with all your heart.

‘I am with you, heart and soul, ' says the Lord;
How wicked is the human heart at times!
Take heart again and let no fear seize it;
God is the one who knows each human heart.

The Lord discerns the human heart too well;
All turn your hearts to Him in obedience,
And live by his decrees and his commands;
Be glad in heart for good things God has done.

God knows your heart's desires before you;
God had put his wisdom in Solomon's heart;
He sees the integrity of your heart;
Let hearts of those who seek the lord, rejoice!

God tests the heart and understands secrets;
God forgives when you repent from your heart;
Set your heart in seeking God all your life;
Let pride not fill your heart and bring God's wrath!

God puts both fear and courage in man's heart;
Lay up his words upon your heart with care;
Conceal no sin nor hide your guilt in heart;
God knows the cravings of the human heart!

Never harbor malice against others;
Afill your heart with joy as it pounds, leaps;
Praise God with all your heart and render thanks;
Love the Lord Almighty God with your heart!

Copyright by Dr John Celes 16-11-12

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