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Fabel32 - Poem by Charles Hice


Man or Dove


GOD is Jesus. A living GOD does not have to frustrate Him self with a man at all but he does what a GOD wants and no one can tell HIM anyway. He could have done a different planet and never made the man the ADAM. He could have been a DOVE and ruled the WORLD of DOVES nothing moving on the surface of the planet except food for DOVE.
John 20: 30-31
Jesus did many other miraculous signs in the presence of his disciples, which are not recorded in this book. But these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.
The written word is given not so perfectly it seems the detractors of the Gospel will agree the BIBLE has been written by the men and not the DOVE. He does not complain of feathers colored wrong he does not jealously assume the plume of other birds he never drinks too much or eats too many seeds of grass he never wants a different colored shirt of blue upon his back he has feathers mostly gray and brown a DOVE is GOD in FORM of FLESH and LOVE. Today eye discovered a dove a thing of beauty made in love the GOD most certainly seems to me to be a creator capable of form. The feathers around the eye. The way the dove tried to see me from the side she turned her delicate head just like a lady in love. The feet seemed too large on her for dove but seemed like duck perhaps this dove was just malformed an egg in need of more attention in the nest but not the fault of GOD. On DOVE WORLD there is one tree where DOVE the GOD does live. She preens her feathers and she rules but yet she loves them. When a DOVE dies and falls from SKY she moves herself to see just where it lays and then SHE Cries a mournful sound in otherwise so pretty of a face she can raise it from the dead and send it into Heaven then to live and fly forever no more in need of world of food or anything. One day upon the Dove Earth the sky was filled with war the demon doves were killing all the poor. They called a halt in vain attempts at peace and then a most marvelous thing. The DOVE GOD she flew to high and spread her wings in a hurried dive she slammed into the ground at Supersonic speed and then she died and then she screamed eye am alive eye hold the keys the poor will soon come and live with me and then the SOUL of GOD the DOVE it flew to Heaven where it grew to be the JESUS GOD.
He rules in love. A DOVE, MAN, GOD.

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