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Prayer For Children - Poem by Enoch O. Akanji

Almighty God, our children are Your heritage, and the fruit of the womb
is Your reward. You created all our children for signs and wonders;
they will continue to act like it in Jesus’s name.
I deliver my children from the control of any kind of demon; Jesus’s
name is above any other name.
All demons that want to control children, I come against you all by the
power in the blood of Jesus. I have today rendered you powerless by
the power that is in the blood of Jesus; you will no longer perform
your enterprise.
All demons working against children, as from now, your influence is
nullified, and all your powers are destroyed by the blood of Jesus.
The blood of Jesus has set all children free from sin and sorrow;
the blood of Jesus has set the captives free from the work of the
Let every power that is not of God bow in the mighty name of Jesus.
This is the name that is above all names, the name that controls all
names, commands all names and can destroy any name that is of the
Let every power of the wicked trying to disturb children begin to destroy
I have given the total control of my child into the hands of my Lord
and my God. My Father and my God, take control. I surrender
my child’s heart unto God. The heart now belongs to God, and the
work of this heart will be good because God is good.
I surrender my child’s thoughts unto God. The thoughts now belong to
God, and these thoughts will be righteous in God’s sight. I surrender
my child’s mind unto God. The mind now belongs to God. The
activities of this mind will be righteous in God’s sight.
I surrender my child’s feet unto God. The feet now belong to God,
and this child will always be at the right place at the right time. I
surrender my child’s eyes unto God. The eyes now belong to God,
and the sight of this child will be righteous in God’s presence.
I surrender my child’s ears unto God. The ears now belong to God, and
this child will hear the Word of God very clearly, obey it, and work
with it. I surrender my child’s mouth unto God. The mouth now
belongs to God, and this child will speak only the Word of God, and
every word spoken will glorify the name of the Almighty God.
Father God, put to shame all the craftiness and wickedness of the enemy
against my child in the mighty name of Jesus. Father God, move by
Your spirit in the life of this child and snatch my child unharmed
from the hands of the enemies.
I surrender my child’s spirit; soul, and body unto God. Father, take
control, Jesus, take control, and Holy Ghost, take preeminence. I
trust that all that You promised You will do in my life and even
much more.

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