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Poems About: GOLF

In this page, poems on / about “golf” are listed.

  • 325.
    http: //

    read more »

    nhung dinh thi hong
  • 326.
    I Closed My Eyes

    Last night I went to bed and closed my eyes
    and found myself in a dream of how and whys.
    I had entered a world that made no sense
    giraffe’s had wings and flew with elephants. read more »

    Orlando Belo
  • 327.
    Myself, Ego, Rooftop Restaurants and the Persian carpet

    My Gabardine Coat, Necktie, Van Heusen shirt, Quadroy trouser
    And the Dolce & Gabbana classic polished shoes
    Like a mirror and I see my wrinkled face.
    I take my meals in the Rooftop Restaurants read more »

    nimal dunuhinga
  • 328.
    I Am The Very Model

    I am the very model of a young octogenarian
    I’ve been known to read more books than any old librarian
    I speak the English language and a scosci bit of Japanese
    I eat in fancy restaurants where the waiters know I tip with ease read more »

    Stanley Cooper
  • 329.

    In Canada, we’re not allowed to have prisoners on death row,
    Though its a place where legal-aid lawyers could make a lot of dough,
    Because executions are not politically correct.
    And bail is easy to get regardless of whose life was wrecked. read more »

    James Bredin
  • 330.
    The Glorious Ways

    Your brown body pulls me across the desert,
    Just as desirable as the luck of the hares in your overgrown
    You do this to me in your ways, swaying like the séance of read more »

    Robert Rorabeck
  • 331.
    These Things

    Thieves in the dark bosque, counting cards down
    The eventual runoff of the ruddy mountains, and all of
    Life clinging on,
    Suckling at the tit of the water fountain, read more »

    Robert Rorabeck
  • 332.
    041010d physical day for me

    ole! freddy melted to the green
    putting didn't work so as the swing
    blame it on the back that is acting
    or maybe pressure to be atop a game read more »

    Manonton Dalan
  • 333.
    Time Is Not On My Side

    Walking and talking have yet to come; crying and sleeping still prevail,
    Now you can walk and talk and your parents beg you to stop, but to no avail.
    School, sports, and friends occupy your time; sometimes it is hard to find some individuality,
    It is time to settle down and start a family, your whole life becomes reality. read more »

    Drew Miller
  • 334.
    Remarriage(A funny story)

    Middle aged Santa and Jeeto were discussing life, and preparing wills. The conversation turned to remarriage...
    Jeeto: If I should die first, will you remarry?
    Santa: Probably, I wouldn`t like to spend the rest of my life alone.
    Jeeto: Would you bring your new wife into our home that we have shared? read more »

    Edwin Drood
  • 335.
    The Only Living Boy In Brum

    Taking the train back homeward bound,
    A poet with a suitcase in hand.
    The people walk into me like I were a ghost,
    They just can’t see beyond where they want to go, read more »

    Charlie F. Kane
  • 336.
    Random Foursome

    Just a little while ago,
    that bald African-American
    who's sitting at the window booth, read more »

    Max Reif
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