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  • 349.
    Senryu (haiku) For Duffers

    With a graceful swing
    My pitching wedge struck the ball
    Fell short of the hole

    Fore! called the golfer
    Atop the seventh tee mound
    Splash! replied the lake

    It was just two feet
    But my buddy didn’t say “take”
    Ooh, the ball lipped out

    A butterfly looks nice
    But not on the driver’s mound
    Use your “mulligan”

    Long putt’s a challenge
    Two to three breaks from the hole
    Glory to God it’s in!

    Tee mound dilemma
    Wind, club and stance decisions
    Then swing hard and firm

    Anna, the golf widow
    Cold husband always away
    Sold “irons” in bazaar

    Birdies have no plumes
    Bogey is not an ogre
    Albatross, not cursed

    An eagle soars high
    So is the spirit of one
    Who makes it happen

    Duffer’s blessed round
    Short par threes, also, even grass
    And smart caddy tips

    Fairways are real cool
    Despite the noonday sun
    After acing one

    Greens are perplexing
    Slow, fast, break left or right
    Blasted hole so small

    Sands are relaxing
    On a balmy seashore spot
    It stinks in the links

    What could be worse than
    Triple bogey on par three
    A missed short birdie

    Golf helps your language
    With each errant stroke you mouth
    Expletives galore

    Oh, Tiger, Tiger
    Ball burning bright, a meteor
    In dazzling flight

    A friend is remiss
    When like a ball who’s just around
    Refuse to dropp in

    You are out of bounds
    Said the pert lady caddy
    At his naughty pitch read more »

  • 350.

    (regarding the high salaries of athletes)

    Society's priorities read more »

  • 351.
    The Bloke from Mullumbimby

    You won’t know this fella, till I get on with me prose.
    But I’ll tell ya this my friends, I think he’s one of those.

    Now before you howl me down and question my social status. read more »

  • 352.
    Woody Putts: A Bouquet

    Too easy it was golf balls to drive,
    Easy was to take off and arrive,
    Hell, could not drive that car
    Far— nor my even par, read more »

  • 353.
    Days Golf

    today played golf with dad
    worst game i'd ever had
    one hundred on front fine
    one hundred on back nine read more »

  • 354.


    Ian with his charismatic energy a glow
    plays soccer, golf and tennis like a pro. read more »

  • 355.
    Game of Golf

    Golf is my brothers passion, my sister-in laws as well
    From where l'm standing Oh! my word it looks like a game from hell
    Legs astride back is bent and the arms down all stretched out
    Now it's time to hit the ball and give it one good clout read more »

  • 356.
    Young Tom Morris

    A round of eighteen holes in one
    Tom would have traded for the life
    Of his darling son and loving wife
    Too much to bear without his loves read more »

  • 357.
    Golfing In Ireland

    read more »

  • 358.

    Oh, don't lie to me!
    I know your inner lies
    Where you hide
    Inside your mind. read more »

  • 359.
    That's Life



  • 360.
    Uncle’s Car Key

    A single key in a little bunch
    The key to life it is not
    So little a key but have this punch
    When uncle’s blood is hot. read more »

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