In this page, poems on / about “graduation” are listed.

  • 181.

    No, this time it is necessary.
    It's gone too far,
    We've lost too much.
    Backtracking stops here. read more »

  • 182.

    The more I look back on all the happy times
    The easier it is for me to realize
    That friends are much more then hellos and goodbyes
    It all comes down to what you have inside. read more »

  • 183.
    Graduation Prayer

    You’ve completed a task
    Set four long, hard years ago
    To prove that you can last
    In life’s commercial show. read more »

  • 184.
    Lindsay’s Graduation

    We were so proud of Lindsay
    On her graduation day
    She turned a fresh new corner
    So much she had to say read more »

  • 185.

    Happiness filling a student’s heart
    In his graduation gown
    A joy of a child
    When he watches a clown read more »

  • 186.
    Life Is Sweet

    It’s graduation night
    and something doesn’t feel right
    My friends and I are moving on
    Everyone is up and gone read more »

  • 187.
    A +

    A +

    A plus is not my blood group
    Not the grade of my university graduation… read more »

  • 188.
    Sometimes Teachers Cry

    Students are lazy to learn and you won't see it on the aprons they wear
    For if clothes were to speak voices would be banned
    And our ears grow longer with desperation of what is true
    We speak but it seems our word is not taken read more »

  • 189.
    Good and Bad

    my first steps, she was there
    my first kiss, i was scared
    my first words, she was there
    my first curse, i was dared read more »

  • 190.

    I couldn’t wait to leave this place
    The moment has arrived and I have tears streaming down my face.
    Graduation is another one of my milestones.
    Now I know I must face the world on my own. read more »

  • 191.

    Life has its own property
    For those who can do it properly
    For those who works hard
    Fight for life as the power they had read more »

  • 192.
    Happy Graduation Day

    I waited for too long, guarded with much expectation
    swings my life through rise and fall, until I conquer the
    one I adore, the might of the grade raises me to go in
    the paper record I knew I can be strong, project, field read more »

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