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In this page, poems on / about “graduation” are listed.

  • 241.
    Of U.O.N.

    Story of optimism and gloom,
    Of green grass and dusty paths,
    Of merriment and tears, read more »

    Nancy Ilamwenya
  • 242.
    A prayer

    A prayer

    Now you lay me down to sleep
    I pray the lord my soul to keep read more »

  • 243.
    Angels are my Protectors

    Angels are sweet to see
    They are dreams I wish to be
    They have harmonic voices when they sing
    And the fact that joy is what they bring read more »

    Ikish Kobe Heart
  • 244.
    Memories Of Graduation Day

    The heart leads back to Graduation Day,
    to speakers addressing the graduates below,
    to tales, excitement and joy shared.
    and the face of proud parents set aglow. read more »

    Joseph T. Renaldi
  • 245.
    Sonnet Tribute: Lance Miano

    Muse the Bobbie, Learned and Scrolling Mentor
    For screening this Curtain to show our Task
    Basic Words you exhume; Trust, a favour
    Later allow us with some Sticks to bask read more »

    Xavier Paolo Josh Ledesma Mandreza
  • 246.
    That's Our Song Back When

    Yes, indeedy, Mary Reedy,
    tell me, please,
    where did you go
    50 years ago today? read more »

    Donal Mahoney
  • 247.

    Graduating at last, a freedom felt within, a joy developing
    in mind.
    Casting aside childhood to enter an adult world with all it's
    cares and trials, yet a simple answer of dependability and read more »

    RoseAnn V. Shawiak
  • 248.

    Graduations are for those selected few.
    Relax your future is in view.
    At last you've reached the finish line.
    Done all you need. So stand and shine. read more »

    wayne fowler
  • 249.
    Feathers Like Chad

    We had some real great years
    We laughed and joked
    Drank and smoked
    Passed the nights away read more »

    C.R. Blazo
  • 250.

    Father of the Digital Revolution...
    Master of innovation...
    Design perfectionist...!
    Who else can be all these read more »

    premji premji
  • 251.
    Altogether Too Beautiful

    It doesn't take so very long to surrender
    Yesterdays echoes the very tit teaming at the very gates
    Of another echinopsis of Disney World—
    While then, all of the boys are already dissolved read more »

    Robert Rorabeck
  • 252.

    i will not forget you cause you were
    for me in my heart the only girl

    i don't know why you rejected me, ignored me
    but i forgive you even you broke my heart which is inside me read more »

    Ayoub 3abd
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