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* Passionate Lustful Heart - Poem by Inner Whispers

Influence of pornography has reached it's outbreaks
Now still growing, invading my country's culture as it breaks,
Many are thrown mischievous out of lust and curiosity
Seeing these kinds of lascivious acts in prosperity!

Yes, a human nature to feel such
But if taken out of control and too much,
It will rip one's soul and will turn anyone to cast
Out of the unending outburst craving of misleading lust!

Some said, it's only an art of imagination
It is the normal act of couples who felt such inspiration,
Lust in desire, intense heat of flesh which urgently aspire
In every individual who has passionate heart for lustful desire...

Hmn...yes, I have seen once, videos like these on show
But stayed few minutes and shut it off, almost had my blow,
Why they did these things out of guidance control
What if minors would browse and witness these as they scroll?

Out I went to a place where pirated DVD's and CD's being traded
Found out CHINA as the leading investors of these at the market,
Why on earth they have the rights to invade like this
And make my country as one of their hideout from their illegal deeds! ?

Away, you fool, who scatter your scraps and trashes
Leave my country, don't invade us, this isn't your territory!
Shame on you! Why not stay where you are
Spare Philippines from your voluptuous greed and desires!

But what and who are behind these acts?
Who gave them permission to grow in greed so fast?
Is it you who sit at the throne of Malacanang Palace?
Or these damn high officials who are paid with billions by these illegal ones! ?

HUH! Yes, all of us have this passionate lustful heart
Yet if filled with more greed and desire to outrageous wealth and wrath,
This country is facing great deliberation of sexual misconducts
Misfortunes will come, ruining what is kept by heart!

A passionate heart, a passionate deed
I appeal to those who seek for it,
Help each other, report and never fear
Save this earth from evil invasion of sexual reincarnation and hell!

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