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Poems About: GREED

In this page, poems on / about “greed” are listed.

  • 337.

    To have a heart of gold
    Only means that everybody wants a piece
    Only lust lies within
    Only lust in the hearts of men read more »

    Timothy Lee Hollandsworth Jr.
  • 338.

    CEO’s pay increased by 50 percent
    While the worker gets 50 cents
    And works three jobs just to pay the rent
    What have we done read more »

    Stephen Strassner
  • 339.
    I cry

    I cry, not because my hope is gone
    I cry for those who can not cry for themselves read more »

    Tlholohelo Ramatlhape
  • 340.
    Never Just Me

    Never just Me read more »

    Janelle Morehart
  • 341.
    Our Search Is For True Happiness

    Our search is for true happiness but such we cannot find
    And such a gift if it exist not meant for human kind
    For some this life is hard so hard a battle all the way
    Their plate with food is seldom full they live from day to day. read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 342.


    It took me a billion years to come to my read more »

  • 343.
    Reality of you...

    The heart is of such fragile make
    in wants and love it has no refrain
    the head can temper, but only so
    and can do nothing really to stop the pain read more »

    natasha headstrong
  • 344.

    No tragedy has ever rocked the world for long
    Six million tortured, fired, gassed, are gone
    And we go on
    Two cities twined in shadowless death, pain, snow read more »

    D A Phinney
  • 345.
    Isolated Crimes Of Passionate Lies.

    From whence we come, from whence we came...
    Knows not any failured mis-spent shame.
    Who so-ever spins the web, regards all failed, b'neath darkened,
    isolated tribes... read more »

    Michael Gale
  • 346.
    The Nemesis Of Man

    I hear the screams
    I feel the pain
    crashing, destroying, and annihilating whatever heart
    that's left in this world. read more »

    Rumana Ahmed
  • 347.

    When a hand reaches out to shake another
    The crowd draws in, bodies press against each other
    Clawing fingers, scratching fingers, push the hands apart
    In fear of change and losing what they hold dear to their heart read more »

    Cicero Grey
  • 348.

    On one hand you fly high
    In your thoughts
    Never say die
    On the otherhand you just sigh read more »

    Renu Rakheja a.k.a Tranquil Ocean
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