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Poems About: GREEN

In this page, poems on / about “green” are listed.

  • 241.
    Green plus white equals blues

    With the green
    you can have love.
    She needs the green,
    it buys the white, read more »

    mark king
  • 242.
    Green eyes

    Green eyes of happiness
    Where do you go
    Why must you leave me
    With nothing to show? read more »

    Savannah Lewis
  • 243.

    May I have a cup
    Of mild green tea?
    Picked freshly
    From green tea leaves read more »

    Bob Axell
  • 244.
    (((On Her Way To Afternoon)))

    The morn' arrived barefoot
    With words of the Dawn upon her breath
    Sunrise clinged tight with its fingers
    And the green grass prepared for the dews death; read more »

    Theodora (Theo) Onken
  • 245.
    When Green In Wonder

    when green in wonder and myth
    my circles ran to baseball days,
    summer pies snatched from sills
    short arms could barely stretch to, read more »

    doug bentley
  • 246.

    Push of reds and greens
    upon my vision.
    Amplified by bend of greens
    and reds upon my ear: read more »

    June Stepansky
  • 247.
    Fall is coming

    the waters slip
    down in to the valleys they drip read more »

    Amanda Shelton
  • 248.
    A Leaf's Shame

    The leaves turn their heads to hide their blush,
    Revealing colors, red, and orange, as if from air brush,
    Away they turn to hide in shame,
    And hide their green as if a game, read more »

    tyler eisner
  • 249.
    Green Eyes

    Your Green eyes have me mesmerized
    big juicy lips I can't despise
    my heart pumps every time you say a word
    their is no one else I could adore read more »

    Ivana Suazo
  • 250.
    At the Harbour

    The ships are in the harbour,
    Some ship are small, some are larger,
    The wavy waters blue and green,
    Although blue and green should not be seen. read more »

    Claire Galpin
  • 251.
    To a Leaf of the Acer Palmatum

    Your journey will be from green to yellow,
    Or if not yellow, to red;
    From yellow you'll go to much more yellow,
    From red to much more red. read more »

    douglas scotney
  • 252.
    Sonnet Of Green Nchalo

    So hot it says, swallowing strangers' strain
    In the far green memento field it comes
    In the ever greed ground with sprinklers stain
    So scattered but green sweets amid fluids' canes read more »

    Paul Mwenelupembe
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