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Poems About: GREEN

In this page, poems on / about “green” are listed.

  • 61.
    White on Green

    White on green

    Or is it green on white? read more »

    Anita Wisniewska
  • 62.
    How Green Really is My Valley

    She is standing behind the broken bamboo gate,
    Incongruously framed, a row tall green flowers,
    Perceived with bleak eyes through twisted wire fence.
    How green really is my valley. read more »

    Sakkthi Subramaniyam
  • 63.

    Green sounds like wind wiping thought an open meadow.
    Green smells like a wintergreen forest.
    Green tastes like a fresh apple.
    Green fells like the first day of spring. read more »

    Alexander Blackmer
  • 64.
    Summer’s Dance (Pantoum)

    Summer rainbow's ribbon still stretches in the blue rain
    As green snakes dance to the tune of charmers jazz flutes
    Blue butterflies chase velvety bumble bees singing duets in vain
    Summer laughs around red velvety roses and green fruits read more »

    Marieta Maglas
  • 65.
    The Hospital Ship

    There is a green-lit hospital ship,
    Green, with a crimson cross,
    Lazily swaying there in the bay,
    Lazily bearing my friend away, read more »

    W H Littlejohn
  • 66.
    Ode to Karen and the Summer

    June wore her green dress, long her favorite color
    the color of her ancient Roman clan
    Roman Green
    June wore her green my finger traced a soft essay read more »

    Jimi Doyle
  • 67.

    Her color is green.
    She is a queen,
    & her throne is green.
    Her monsoon brings, read more »

    mehedi faysal
  • 68.
    The Green Thicket

    All in a green thicket I heard a bird sing,
    And blithe though his song was it made the tears spring,
    To hear a bird sing as he swung on his spray, read more »

    Cicely Fox Smith
  • 69.
    Oh! Green, Stay Green!

    In the brilliant spectrum of rainbow hues,
    Oh, Green! Thou art a ravishing shade.

    You glow and fade in distant skies, read more »

    Valsa George
  • 70.
    The Apple Tree Greed

    he has an apple a green apple
    he is the only person in this room
    with a green apple
    suppose suppose NOW read more »

    Parme Hice
  • 71.
    In Lavender And Green

    Will you come to me in lavender and green?
    With bells about your feet,
    And music in your step,
    When you come to me in lavender and green. read more »

    Greg Davidson
  • 72.
    The Green Woods Of Truagh

    In the green woods of Truagh we met without fear,
    Your kiss on my lips, and your voice in my ear, read more »

    Anna Johnston MacManus
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