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April Tin Poetry Npm Bouncing Charlax - Poem by Charles Hice

April Tin Poetry npm bouncing charlax
April Tin Poetry npm bouncing charlax
every tin can is not made out of tin foil or aluminum tin is just an alloy a metal of a mixture of steel and any old thing laying around made of junk they smelt this stuff and they decided to get rid of it so they place the food in it the soup and all the rest of it the tuna and the more you open tin cans the less you waste for they were the first thing made for recycling they was smelt and turned back into the tin again cans and all the rest of it get tossed into the thick of it the thin of it the Tin is only molybdenum you might find some recycle cans near the curb on nearly every Wednesday when the large trash truck with the big green bins with doors marked recycling approaches you must now quickly leave this area before the Police will ask you what did you think you were doing and we can sing to them this song Oz never did ever give the TIN man nothing he did not already have he gave the STrawman a brain a diploma of Literacy and to the Lion he gave Courage to the Tin man he gave Heart and they turned him into the recycle receptacle for the Emerald City waste department and all the flying monkeys land near him and worship his stature there while the Soldiers march on the Yellow Brick road near the Store is filled with Tin Cans and packed with solid waste the cans are green and glowing with radioactive paste the labels on the Tin Man watch him shake and bake the items from the Store are great globs of solyant green machines make haste to get the waste and this is what they send to us in Tin Cans needing openers and face with smile to eat the waste fill all your sacks with April Tin Poetry npm bouncing charlax

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