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Blue Eyes/Green Eyes - Poem by Jeri Martindale

She's there, I feel her. What is she trying to say to me? I felt her try to take over. I saw her green eyes as I stared into the rearview mirror; she wants me as much as I need her.

Has she been calling out for me? Am I too lost to hear her plea? After all, how could I ignore her, she is so beautiful and powerful and magical and she shines green. She wears a purple robe, no shoes on her feet; white flowers blooming in her golden hair.

I have felt her pressence increasing recently; she wants to show everyone her emerald isles, beware my friend they will hypnotize. She wants to walk along the sandy shore, to be the aliveness of me once more.

JADE! ............ jade

Here I am love; I'm whispering to her. Does she see them, my eyes so blue? Shinning their light into outer space; is it time now, today? Wait...... wait.

She will eventually lead me to her with the enchanting songs that she sings as she meditates quietly by the rivers edge. How does her silence sound so sweet, she is so hypnotizing that even the moon light stares only at her.

Does she need me to see? Waiting, knowing more than me; her crystal ball tells everything. In my dreams I see! Awake, aliveness shinning bright!
Blue eyes or Green eyes! Its my life!

Looking, seeking, and always believing; never stop dreaming. Then I get that feeling; there she is, I see her. She is staring back, she is my own reflection.

Green eyes majestic, beautiful eyes, where is she wanting to take me? Can't she see the light all around me? What does she see that I have not seen?

I close my eyes searching her dreams, who will I see when I open them again? Blue eyes? Green eyes? Me?
Forgotten, NO! She is a dreamer; she is the dream that I will never be able to ignore.


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