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When Grief Rains By T. Vasudeva Reddy - Poem by Bijay Kant Dubey

Which appeared in 1982,
Containing the poems,
Such as The Balmy Smile, Sweet Scar, To Love,
Dreams, The Spark of Being, Life is a Desert,
The Sparrow, Penance For Crow, The East,
My Own Shadow, Gray Hair, The Cross Road,
Patience, Potent Drop, Civilization, Futility,
When Grief Rains, A Pinch of Faith.

The Dying Wick, Thirsty Field, Transience,
The Mortal Flame, Endless Night, Quiet In The Grave,
Realization, In Memoriam, My Wish, But…,
The Wood Is Calm, The Lake At Night, Chaos In Cosmos,
Awakening, I See No Other Way, Wounded Sky Frowns,
Ashes, My Soul’s Agony, The Last Journey,
The small-small pieces from,
Where the title poem signifies it all.

Reddy’s poetry is grief-laden, it dribbling drop by drop,
Grief seems to be raining and wetting his lines,
A poet of despair, despondence and dejection,
Which none can reason it about,
Why is this grief,
Why is this pain,
Smearing his poetic statements and lines with,
Written as in memoriam
His pensive reflections and shadows of life?

When Grief Rains is the first poetic venture
With which he starts the poetic journey of his,
Whatever be the weightage of his presence,
Valuable or not,
I cannot say that,
Here I am taking up his poetry
As I have seen and gone through
With a willy-nilly of my own
As I see the Indian English poetry texts,
But do not know what to do with,
Nor can I prove with awards and prizes given to him?

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