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Poems About: HAIR

In this page, poems on / about “hair” are listed.

  • 181.
    The day I met you was a bad hair day

    read more »

    thang boojie
  • 182.
    The girl with the raven tresses

    What smile made this soul quiver?
    Shiver on this day in her audible stare
    Each fingertip touch made the world
    Tremble at the thought of caressing read more »

    Resten Swondo
  • 183.
    Her Wet Hair Feels Cool on My Skin

    Her wet hair feels cool on my skin
    As she came fresh from the shower.
    She lies near me and rest begins. read more »

    william mcgehee
  • 184.
    Seasons of My Love

    I loved a maid as fair as summer, with sunrise in her hair
    There lived no other in the world could in my heart compare
    Her eyes were stars of midnight bliss, her laugh a meadow breeze
    I would have done all that she asked, so quick was I to please read more »

    Leonard Snow
  • 185.
    Hair-Soft and Gorgeous

    The soft, shiny, honey-blonde coloured
    mass of loveliness cascades
    and tumbles down your graceful neck
    and curvy shoulders read more »

    Richard Muirhead
  • 186.
    Gone but not forgotten.

    My father's bald and wears a wig
    My older brother shaves his head
    I wonder is it infra dig
    Agreeing with what mother said. read more »

    ivor or ivor.e hogg
  • 187.

    She was so very peacefully still
    With her hands gently crossed as she held beads
    And her collar clear up to her neck
    And her hair perfectly coiffed in a way read more »

    Holly Jamestone
  • 188.
    Another Way Of Saying Crazed With Thought

    there are trucks in my hair
    get them out
    before they drive me away
    get them a garage read more »

    gordon nosworthy
  • 189.
    Some times people just don’t get me

    Some people just see my face
    Glossy lips mascara-coated lasses and
    Pink Rosy checks but that’s just the out side
    There is so much more to me more than pink hair read more »

    leona True
  • 190.
    Do You Know?

    Do You Know?
    Do you notice me watching
    how your hair falls around your face,
    how your eyes shift from side to side, read more »

    Amanda Miranda
  • 191.
    More Hair!

    You've already taken my lunch, my socks, my long-distance binocs,
    Now what do you want?
    More Hair! read more »

    John W. McEwers
  • 192.
    Take Care, Take Care

    Bind up, bind up your dark bright hair
    And hide the smouldering sunken fire.
    Let it be held no more than fair, read more »

    John Freeman
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