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  • 277.
    Hairy Woes

    (This not a poem. One day I thought whether I could write about hair problems and this is what I could come up with. Have a good hair day.)

    Oh all the balding men of the world! Neither split your hair nor let your hair down; instead, get up to fight against hair experts and hair industries because, you have nothing to loss except hairs, which you are already losing anyway.

    The scientific study published in, 'International Journal of Fake Studies', has proven beyond doubt that, all kinds of hairs and particularly black hairs, absorb sun light and thus indirectly contribute to the global warming whereas, shining bald pates reflect sun light back into the atmosphere, thus help to make earth’s climate cool. So taking these facts in account, bald persons should be given the tax rebate in form of carbon credits whereas, high taxation should be levied on persons with hair for leaving carbon footprints behind.

    It is true my friend, that you are paying the tax as well as losing your hair, but try to imagine a plight of less fortunate ones, who neither earn enough money to pay the tax nor have enough hair to loss.

    'Son! Why do you worry about your hair problems; get me mustards seeds from the home, that doesn't have hair problems', thus spake enlightened sage, hearing which young man became calm.

    The biggest cause of hair fall, dandruff and other hair related problems is existence of hair.

    No person with hair on his head, can solve all your hair problems, neither can the person without hair.

    As, not all the armies of the world, can stop the idea whose time has come so, not all the hair experts can stem the progress of baldness, whose time has come.

    Only two things are universal, hair problems and human stupidity, but I have doubt about former, thus spake Einstein of hair science.

    Not all the trichologists, dermatologists and hair experts together, armed with shampoos, hair oils, hair dyes and herbal ointments can cure all the hair ailments, as long as hairs are there.

    As long as hairs are there, there are going to be hair problems, similarly as long as shrinks are there, there are going to be mental problems.

    The hair industry expands their business by perpetuating the two myths, first is there are more hair at unwanted place and other is, there are less hair at desired place.

    Hair here, hair there, hair everywhere similarly: problem here, problem there, problem everywhere.

    He fell in love with her hair and married the whole girl, soon he was without hair.

    In early part of his life man losses his hair to earn money then he uses same money to gain hair back.

    Don't bask in a glory of the hair, you used to have in past, instead tell me, do you have gorgeous hair now?

    There is some truth in a myth that the bald men are fortunate; to begin with, they don't have to spend their fortune on comb, hair products, hair cuts and last but not least girls.

    There are more blondes on streets of India than women of the rest of the world put together; thanks to Garnier. Take Care.

    White hair is nothing but a flag hoisted by a tired life, signaling armistice with hostile time, which eventually leads to surrender to the death.

    Blessed are the monks who shave their hair themselves, a symbol of a vanity of the world, because nature is going to destroy that vanity eventually anyhow.

    Oh Sinner! Vain is your attempt to hide your sins, for sins will shine in your life as bald pate shines through the sparse tufts of hair.

    It is irony that the monks who do not care for their hair often have beautiful and luxuriant hair.

    Trees are nothing but hair of Gaia, the earth; if you destroy, them then earth too would take her revenge by creating conditions, that won't allow the hair to stay on your crown.

    More often than not, one owns heir are responsible for one owns hair fall.

    If you cannot prevent hair fall, enjoy it.

    Dr Hitesh C Sheth read more »

  • 278.
    Hair translation

    I have come to the conclusion
    Of the hair allusion
    They say blonds have the most fun
    And redheads spend to much time in the sun read more »

  • 279.
    The Accentuated Curls

    To twist around is a crime
    It will distract the follicles
    From being so sublime
    The scissors dance around my curls read more »

  • 280.

    Oh, my neck
    and my shoulders
    and my legs,
    the corners of my mouth, read more »

  • 281.

    I didn't need shampoo to clean my scalp; instead a glass of tainted
    could excellently do the job,
    On the other hand you required tones of bubbly froth to cleanse your read more »

  • 282.
    Dr's Waiting Room

    Silver grey hair
    wrinkles like hiways on a map
    a floral pattern on her dress
    must have been made in 1932 read more »

  • 283.
    Hair Now Gone Tomorrow

    It is neither here not there
    But there was a time I had a lot of hair
    As it passed, the time I mean
    Everywhere my hair was seen read more »

  • 284.
    Tangles -new-

    I had my hair tied back

    and bound up in a bow read more »

  • 285.

    Alone in a dark room
    A figure sits
    A woman
    A girl read more »

  • 286.
    Love In The Sunlight

    we lie on the grass
    in the late afternoon sunlight
    the breeze rustles the leaves
    of a scorched palm tree read more »

  • 287.

    As the breeze blows my hair into
    my face i giggle no worries
    about tangled hair nature is
    the greatest i stand here with my read more »

  • 288.
    I didn't go on the internet this morning

    I got up early today as usual
    I didn't turn on my computer as the first thing

    Washing my hair and taking a shower read more »

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