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Poems About: HAIR

In this page, poems on / about “hair” are listed.

  • 313.

    You are as gold
    as the half-ripe grain
    that merges to gold again,
    as white as the white rain read more »

    H. D.
  • 314.
    I Feel (Verse Libre)

    I feel
    Very much
    Like taking
    Its unholy perpetrators read more »

    Lucy Maud Montgomery
  • 315.
    The Embrace

    Your unruly blonde hair
    Caresses your face
    You seem so lonely
    So unsure of yourself read more »

    Elizabeth Russell
  • 316.
    Kiss You, Touch You, Feel You, Want You

    You've got me burning
    My mind's wheels keep turning
    No matter how hard I've tried
    I always find myself tongue tied read more »

    Bridget Bush
  • 317.
    What Was Important

    A bike
    a dog
    a friend read more »

    Sean Joyce
  • 318.

    The simple young girl
    Thought she needed everything
    To be beautiful
    But she didn't read more »

    Adeaze Tinkerbelle
  • 319.
    Give me...!

    When I look at you I see a smile
    But when I look back and I see my frown.

    I see your hair, its perfect and straight read more »

    Becky Ginn
  • 320.
    Advents of the Sun

    Over my empty shoulders
    I want you to sear past my skin
    Split my valley with your hair
    as I lay on my back read more »

    Cheryl Renaud
  • 321.

    HE checks his breath for stink,
    finds a tast of smoke, and blue
    burbon, wets his hair with spit,
    combs his hair back with his read more »

  • 322.

    Neatly brushed and shaped
    Your soft, brown hair glistens
    As the sun highlights extremes of colour
    Not normally seen. read more »

    Bob Oldfield
  • 323.
    With a Flower in Her Hair

    She asked how she looked with the flower in her hair.
    Shocked by her beauty, the words did elude me.
    But later, thinking back, the memory decreed words.
    A pretty woman with a flower in her hair read more »

    Jim Parker
  • 324.

    The liar
    With great desire
    To have a hair
    That resembles mine read more »

    Konjit Berhane
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