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Poems About: HAIR

In this page, poems on / about “hair” are listed.

  • 325.
    It's the Moral of the Thing

    i like your hair she tells me
    speaking everything but the lie
    she describes it as the reason
    why she could not stand to die read more »

    D.M. Barber
  • 326.
    I Refuse

    I refuse to see any of your words
    For it's totally meaningless to me
    No longer sounds important
    Since my eyes closed read more »

    Babette Teeth
  • 327.
    To His Daughter

    A little girl sits on the wall
    Colouring something on the other side.
    The wind shines her hair as she holds up
    A flapping paper to my window. read more »

    Henry Money
  • 328.
    the touch of

    The Touch of Your Kiss
    A Touch of Your Hand
    The touch of your Soft Hair
    A Touch of Your Beautiful Eyes read more »

    charles kuehnle
  • 329.
    Twenty Tiny Colonies

    Caked in
    flour; her hands
    and hair bagged read more »

    Eric Raanan Fischman
  • 330.
    Hurting my mind

    You would think we are just friends
    but your hands keep touching mine
    when will this confusion stop
    while we still smile those fake expressions read more »

    Sydne Morris
  • 331.
    Dr's Waiting Room

    Silver grey hair
    wrinkles like hiways on a map
    a floral pattern on her dress
    must have been made in 1932 read more »

    Joe Howell
  • 332.

    HE checks his breath for stink,
    finds a tast of smoke, and blue
    burbon, wets his hair with spit,
    combs his hair back with his read more »

  • 333.
    Heroin arms

    littered with tiny
    specks of blood
    a hundred times read more »

    Charles Chaim Wax
  • 334.
    YESTERDAY THINGS...........................710

    THE absolute truth, from a
    dumbstruk, flamboyant punk,
    you have the ocean to swim
    in, and anough money for all read more »

  • 335.
    Sun In Your Eyes

    You're skin so soft, it shimmers,
    In this sun, your eyes
    Glow, vibrant, everlasting.
    Your smile, wide, bright. read more »

    Mark Ruiz
  • 336.

    Neatly brushed and shaped
    Your soft, brown hair glistens
    As the sun highlights extremes of colour
    Not normally seen. read more »

    Bob Oldfield
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