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Elongated Hair - Poem by Sean Furlong

She 'done gone and did it'
She pulled it out
The elongated hair on my side
Oh how I did pout

It had grown long before
Back in earlier days
I had kept it short myself
using several different ways
After time had gone by
I wanted to let it grow
I decided to give it a try
and become a freak show

I'd let it grow down to my hips
or maybe to my knees
this hair could grow up to my lips
or at least to my kidneys

She'd noticed it that day in passing
while feeling 'round my tummy
I had thought she'd just been sassing
She said, 'I'll cut it off you dummy'

I did protest then to her notion
It smelled of sheer butchery
To cut of this hair in such a motion
would be a crime to both it and me!

Then came the day when it happened
While I lay in her bed so quietly
The life of my hair would come to an end
with a tug from her hand so quickly

I had mourned it for a moment
and I'm sure I looked sad
whatever had been her intent
I told myself it could not be bad

So now it has another chance
to begin a life anew
Elongated hair please do advance
Again I'd like to see you.

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