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  • 157.
    Pursuit Of Happiness! !

    In the pursuit of happiness
    I purchased a car
    Though it was comforting
    Entertaining & satisfying experience
    I ended up comparing with others
    & my heart again got a scar!

    In the pursuit of happiness
    I bought a flat
    Such a wonderful kick it was
    A great feeling of owning something
    But it just remained a house
    It made me sad, I didn't have a mate!

    In the pursuit of happiness
    I started looking for a mate
    It didn't take long to find a lovely girl
    With an assumption that I loved her & she loved me
    We settled in my flat to make it a home
    It was all good until I found I was entrapped with bait!

    In the pursuit of happiness
    My life was gone
    I don’t remember when I lost my brawn
    Life had become a series of yawn
    Unless I found the enlightenment of my own
    Happiness is not external
    It’s an effect of our Internal Dawn! ! read more »

  • 158.
    Happiness In A Bottle

    My stomach hurts
    my liver failed
    to much happiness prevailed
    happiness comes in certain shapes read more »

  • 159.
    Happiness Is

    Happiness is like,
    A river flowing down from heaven.

    Happiness is like, read more »

  • 160.
    Real Happiness

    Real Happiness-2

    Happiness lies in good health
    Not in accumulation of wealth read more »

  • 161.
    Inside my happiness...

    Inside my happiness, there is nothing but happiness for me.
    Inside my happiness, the colors are so bright and vivid and I am able to see everything clearly.
    Inside my happiness, there were no dark times because in my happiness the sun always shines.
    Inside my happiness, there is no pain, there is no fear and there certainly is no doubt. read more »

  • 162.
    What Is Happiness

    What is happiness?
    Such simple yet complicated word
    No exact words can match it read more »

  • 163.
    a tribute to the Absurd

    Happiness is a ballpoint pen
    Happiness is irrelevant
    Happiness is read more »

  • 164.

    What is happiness without any pain?
    What is happiness without any gain?
    Happiness is contentment.
    Happiness may also be a wonderful achievement. read more »

  • 165.
    The happiness

    The happiness

    It's not easy to feel so happy every day
    and not easy to full in it read more »

  • 166.
    We can do

    Little thought leads to little effort
    Little effort leads to little change
    Little change leads to little happiness
    Little happiness can leads to little success read more »

  • 167.


    Happiness is when no matter what's going on
    How the weather is like then read more »

  • 168.
    Happiness is......

    Happiness is
    Having someone by your side to love
    You have that moment when things is going your way
    One thing is happiness to me is you when I see you and your cute smile read more »

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