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Poems About: HAPPINESS

In this page, poems on / about “happiness” are listed.

  • 217.

    Addicted to misery,
    the reality of being hurt,
    is a drug to me,
    for I know that misery, read more »

    Rachel Henley
  • 218.


    Happiness was meant for everyone
    It is easy, it is simply done read more »

    Muhd Baqir
  • 219.
    way of happiness

    Way of happiness:

    There is a way of happiness...
    I saw it! read more »

    binod bastola
  • 220.
    What is your happiness?

    happiness for some is a buck and a quarter,
    happiness for other is a son or a daughter.
    but what is happiness to you?
    sure you can define, read more »

    Adam Rubenstein
  • 221.

    Happiness at what price
    Is it wrong to question something so long in coming
    And now finally material, should I not worry
    Of the cost, or the future it may afford me read more »

    B.. Alexander
  • 222.

    When I met you first
    the price of being
    was your un-happiness. read more »

    Dónall Dempsey
  • 223.

    If you want happiness try to find it,
    in someone you believe in.

    If you try to buy happiness, read more »

  • 224.
    Search For Happiness

    Searching for happiness is an art
    That you won't find lying in a cart
    So if you want to take a start
    Look for it inside your heart read more »

    Seema Chowdhury
  • 225.
    Happiness is......

    Happiness is
    Having someone by your side to love
    You have that moment when things is going your way
    One thing is happiness to me is you when I see you and your cute smile read more »

    Christina Phan
  • 226.

    Happiness ever moving ever changing day
    to day. No matter what I may try to do
    to keep in with in me it just keeps
    changing its direction constantly. read more »

    Jacob Adams
  • 227.
    Choose The Happiness

    What the happiness is all about

    Choices that comes across your life read more »

    Sossi Khachadourian
  • 228.
    The Notebook

    It has many inspiring pages,
    On these pages are marvelous words,
    Which initiate new ides,
    That are turned into dreams. read more »

    Lauren Meredith Gould
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